All-new Chojuro “Slashing Twinsword” joins the fight!
Enjoy the Two-Time Use 3-Level Multi Summon!

Level 1:
Multi-Summon for 30 Ninja Pearls.

Level 2:
Multi-Summon for 40 Ninja Pearls, with summon rates increased for Chojuro “Slashing Twinsword”!

Level 3:
Multi-Summon for 50 Ninja Pearls, with Chojuro “Slashing Twinsword” guaranteed!

Twinsword of Conviction Summon Featured character
– Chojuro “Slashing Twinsword” (★5)
⇒ Can be Awakened to ★6!

Chojuro “Slashing Twinsword” (★6) is ready to join the fight as a Heart elemental ninja!
With Ninjutsu to bypass his enemies’ Perfect Dodge
and a Secret Technique that ignores their Substitution,
there’s no escaping the damage this swordsman can deal!
Plus, his impressive Sync Skills make him an extremely valuable character for the team!