Hello and welcome to the Ultimate Ninja Blazing X top 5 list of free 6 star raid characters. In this top 5 we will be taking an in-depth look at the 5 best 6 star characters that you can obtain without having to spend a single pearl!

5 – Kushina Uzumaki – Red Hot Habanero

As a free to play unit, Kushina Uzumaki is solid all around. She’s mid-range with 1490 attack, higher than some of the mid-range units that came after her and are only available in banners!

Coupled with her decent attack stat are some decent jutsus. Her regular jutsu does 3x attack towards one enemy. However, her ultimate jutsu is better, dealing 6.5x attack to multiple targets with a 70% chance to reduce enemy attack.

However, Kushina is not without her flaws. Firstly, she has a HP stat of 1192, which is the trade-off for being mid-range with a decent attack stat.

Additionally, it costs Kushina 6 chakra to use her regular jutsu and 12 for her ultimate, which means she will often struggle to help make an impact on tougher raids.

Overall, while Kushina does have some issues, as a free raid character she is definitely a solid pick for players struggling with ‘Wisdom characters only’ mission objectives.

4 – Hashirama Senju – Father of the Leaf Village

Hashirama Senju – Father of the Leaf village, along with his brother Tobirama, are the raid units that have been around for the longest time, with their raid first appearing on October 29th and was available for 24 hours.

They have since appeared a few times with repeat raids, but still hold out as solid free to play units.

Hashirama is an offense based unit. For short range, his HP stat of 1206 is poor, but his attack stat more than makes up for it. While on paper it is only 1616, with all of his abilities unlocked by fusing multiple copies of him together this number exceeds 2000.

This is because each of his abilites gives him an additional 100 attack, which really helps him dish out a lot of damage. As for his jutsus, he suffers the same issues that Kushina does, with a 6 and 12 cost to perform jutsus.

While his jutsus may be the same as Kushina’s in the sense that they are both single target regulars and hit multiple targets for the ultimate, Hashirama has a lot more firepower.

His regular jutsu has a 3.5x multiplier coupled with his high attack stat that allows him to deal high damage on mid-stage bosses.

Although his ultimate jutsu is only a 5.2x attack multiplier compared to Kushina’s 6.5x multiplier, Hashirama has a 50% chance to immobilise any enemy he hits, a far more useful additional effect.

3 – Tobirama Senju – Father of Reanimation

Hashirama and Tobirama were released at the same time, and were built to be opposites of each other. While Hashirama has a focus on offense and dealing high damage, Tobirama offers a supporting role in his stats and his jutsu.

Starting off with his stats, we can see a clear difference between the two brothers, as Tobirama has 1626 in HP and 1276 attack.

Contrasting his brother, Tobirama’s abilities give him an additional 100 HP each, buffing his HP to over 2000 when fully maxed out. This enormous HP stat really does help out and can often save you with a slither of HP left after a harsh enemy jutsu.

As for his jutsus, his regular jutsu is the one you should be using the most. For 5 chakra, Tobirama will set up a water barrier that for 4 turns is capable of blocking 2500 damage.

Not only is this useful for stalling against enemies as they will be unable to dish out regular damage when the barrier is up, but it is incredibly useful for tanking jutsus of enemy bosses, significantly reducing the HP loss.

As for Tobirama’s shortcomings, his offense is definitely showing. His ultimate, while it is a multiple target 10 chakra cost jutsu with a multiplier of 5.8x, is simply not worth using due to his low attack stat, and he is far better off using his barrier jutsu twice, leaving damage to the other units.

On the whole, Tobirama is a great support unit that can tank damage and help with stalling, but despite his low offense he is still a solid free raid 6 star unit.

2 – Sasuke Uchiha – Curse Mark 2nd State

Now we are getting to the units that far outclass everything we’ve seen so far on this list. Sasuke Uchiha – Curse mark 2nd State is an excellent unit that can find its place on any Wisdom only team.

With stats of 1972 HP and 2132 attack when fully limit broken, Sasuke isn’t messing around. Although he is only short range, for a free 6 star these stats are phenomenal.

Both of Sasuke’s jutsus are incredibly useful as well. His regular jutsu gives him 2 perfect dodges for 3 turns, whilst restoring his chakra gauge by 7.  This means that he can potentially dodge indefinitely, allowing allies to build up their chakra gauges as well while negating damage.

As for his ultimate jutsu, this does not fall short. His ultimate jutsu allows him to hit Bravery element enemies with a 9x multiplier, and a 6x multiplier for all other types.

Because of his high attack stat, Sasuke can nuke Bravery type enemies and deal high damage, but because of the chakra restoration of his first jutsu it does not often take very long for Sasuke to be able to use his ultimate again after using it.

Overall, the only issue Sasuke really has is that he does not have an AoE attack that can hit multiple targets, but his ability to stall is invaluable, so therefore he is deserving of such a high spot on this list.

1 – Jiraiya – The Toad Ninja

Jiraiya – The Toad Ninja is an incredible unit that belongs on ANY team. While his stats of 1406 HP and 1498 are below average for a short range 6 star, his regular jutsu is what places him number one on this list.

For only 5 chakra, Jiraiya can hit multiple enemies on screen with a large attack range for 3x attack, with (after all abilities are unlocked) a 100% chance to cause slip damage and a 70% chance to immobilise.

With its 2 different secondary effects, this jutsu is essential for tough raids, clearing out/weakening multiple foes on missions with many enemies and dealing heavy slip damage to bosses.

This jutsu far surpasses the similar jutsu of 6 star Neji Hyuga – A Caged Bird, who deals 1.5x attack and also has a 70% chance to immobilise, but has a shorter range than Jiraiyas.

While his ultimate jutsu is ok, with an 8x attack multiplier on one enemy, like Tobirama you would be far better off using Jiraiya’s regular jutsu twice, as it’s far more useful. For a free 6 star, Jiraiya is often more useful than those you can summon from banners!


And that’s it! All of these units that you’ve seen are free to obtain, all you have to do is play their featured raid when it is on and get them to drop! Good luck!