Welcome to the Ultimate Ninja Blazing X top 5 most useful 5 star characters in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing. In this list I will be counting down the best 5 star characters in the game and using factors such as damage, range, skills and jutsus in order to determine what the top 5 star units in the game are.

5) Hinata – Proof of Resultion


The first entry on this list is Hinata Hyuga – Proof of resolution. Hinata Hyuga is a Bravery element unit with fairly decent stats for a short range character, with 1176 HP and 1132 attack, but where she really comes through is her field skill and jutsu.

Hinatas field skill is the uncommon skill of being able to restore from 120 -170 HP per turn when her allies are in range, a big difference maker when doing Bravery only emergency missions due to the fact that there are currently no Bravery element characters with a healing jutsu right now.

In addition to having a very useful field skill, her jutsu is good too, as it grants her 3 perfect dodges for 3 turns at the low cost of only 4 chakra, enabling her to take many hits that would have done a lot of damage and reduce it to zero, particularly useful if the enemy boss is going to use his jutsu, or you need to stall to heal.

4) Neji – An Unchangeable Destiny


Up next is Neji Hyuga – An Unchangeable Destiny. Neji Hyuga’s usefulness comes from his incredible raw stats for a 5 star unit, with 1344 HP and a whopping 1615 attack.

These are stats that rival those of the 6 star unit Hashiama Senju – Father of the Leaf Village who has only 1206 HP and the almost exactly equal attack stat of 1616.

Neji’s jutsu can be useful too, as it does 3x attack to a single target, but has a 40% chance of sealing the targets jutsu for 5 turns, something that would be useful if the boss’s jutsu is giving you trouble.

An almost insignificant factor that only slightly buffs Neji’s appeal is that when he regularly attacks, instead of just hitting one time, Neji hits an enemy 3 times. The reason why this is useful  is that if Neji participates in a combination attack with his allies and you reach a 15 hit combo, the front row of ninjas that are on the field get 1 extra chakra restored, reducing the time needed to use a jutsu!

The only bad thing that I can say about this character is that in order to reach these high stats he must be limit broken to the max level, but that is something not too hard to achieve as limit breaking is far easier for 5 star characters than it is for 6 star Characters.

3) Kabuto – Amazing Regeneration


Kabuto Yakushi – Amazing Regeneration is an excellent unit that belongs on any Skill elemental only team, due to him being the only skill healer in the game. With mid range and the average stats of 1120 HP and 792 attack if it weren’t for his incredible jutsu he would likely be ignored by most players.

However, at the cost of only 4 chakra, this Kabuto is able to self heal an amazing 2020 HP, which is the highest single target healing possible in the game right now,

This jutsu is more useful than some of the other jutsus used by the other healers in the game, as for those units to heal they have to group up and heal another unit, but Kabuto is able to stay away from his allies and heal, so he can therefore reduce damage taken from enemy combination attacks.

Kabuto also has a slightly useful field skill in the form of increasing the attack of his allies that are in range by 75-150, increasing his usefulness when participating in combination attacks.

2) Tayuya – Aggressive Strategist


Tayuya – Aggressive Strategist is an excellent skill element unit that deserves this high spot on the list. With mid range and the stats of 1111 HP and 1413 attack, she is another character that when fully limit broken has stats and range that rival that of another popular 6 star unit, Naruto – Mastered Rasengan which has 1154 HP and 1420 attack.

Tayuya is all about sealing. Her field and buddy skill are both useful by reducing the chance of being jutsu sealed by an enemy jutsu, and her own jutsu is one of the main things placing her this high on the list.

Coupled with her solid attack stat of 1413, Tayuya’s jutsu only costs 4 chakra to deal 2.8 times attack to enemies, but the range of her jutsu is that of someone with a large range of attack.

Her secondary effect of her jutsu is that she has a 65% chance to seal the jutsu of every enemy she hits, so because of this high chance to seal and her large range of jutsu attack she is very useful in raids that have many enemies on screen at once, such as the Rock Lee raid.

1) Kabuto – The Sound’s Spy


Kabuto Yakushi – The Sound’s Spy is an amazing 5 star unit that is incredibly useful in raids, due to his healing capabilities.

The main difference between Wisdom element Kabuto and the Skill element Kabuto is that this Wisdom one has the field skill of passive healing when allies are in range, just like Hinata Hyuga – Proof of Resolution.

In addition to this great field skill, his jutsu allows him to heal an ally and restore 1780 HP. While this may not be as good as the Kabuto Yakushi – Amazing Regeneration’s jutsu as he can self heal for more (2020 HP), that jutsu requires 4 chakra to perform, while Kabuto Yakushi – The Sound’s Spy only needs 3 chakra to use his jutsu.

Due to the fact that he only requires 3 chakra to use his jutsu, Wisdom Kabuto is techinically healing more jutsu per chakra than the Skill Kabuto.

If we take 12 chakra, Wisdom Kabuto can heal 1780 HP four times, as his jutsu only needs 3 chakra, so he can heal 7120 HP.

Also with 12 chakra, the Skill Kabuto can heal 2020 HP but only 3 times, as his jutsu cost is 4 chakra, so he can only heal 6060 HP.

Overall, while this Kabuto may have lacklustre stats, his healing jutsu coupled with his extremely low chakra cost of 3 enables him to restore the HP in tight situations due to it costing so little, and he can also passively heal with his field skill making him an incredibly useful unit.