In this guide I am going to choose most universal units in game, considering them including EM missions, Phantom Castle, Ninja Road and PVP.

10. Minato Namikaze: Rapid Lightning

Minato: Rapid Lightning is one of the oldest 6 star units in game, I put him on 10th place in this list, even if game developers give us better and better units. He is one of few units with Vast range. Minato needs 4 chakra, his single ninjutsu hits 8938. That things make him very useful in Phantom Castle. Secret Technique is single as well, and hits 20.482, so he is chosen often to play Emergency Missions and Ninja Road. With 321 speed he is one of most useful units in PVP, but he could have higher health value.

9. Sasuke Uchiha: Soul Shrouded In Sorrow

Sasuke became one of most universal units after he got Limit Break. Great attack stats for Mid range unit, 4 chakra cost, 9212 AoE ninjutsu, 26.320 single targeted Secret Technique, and 253 speed makes him great unit in every game mode. Similar to Minato, he could have more health.

8. Sasuke Uchiha: Avenger

Another unit who came amazing after got Limit Break. Like previous in ranking he needs 4 chakra, AoE ninjutsu deals 7651 damage, Secret Technique hits 19.674. Also his ability is Barrier Destruction. This all make that he is using very often in EM, Phantom Castle and Ninja Road. He has speed 198, not that much, but he is used in PVP quite often because of Ninjutsu.

7. Minato Namikaze: Confronting Karma

Edo Minato is one of best units in game mostly because of his great abilities, that let him use Ninjutsu/Secret Technique for 0 chakra, increase jutsu multiplier and reduce chakra gauge to 3 bars. He is Vast unit, his Ninjutsu hits 9600 and gives perfect dodge, Ultimate Ninjutsu hits 20.800 and also gives perfect dodge. His field skill boost Skill attacks by 300. His speed is 315. He is usually used in all game modes, he could have more health, because in PVP sometimes happens that Minato is “one shooted”.

6. Killer Bee: Completed Jinchuriki

Killer Bee is Short range Body unit with good attack stats, 4 chakra required, his single targeted Ninjutsu deals 11.980. This is reason why he is usually used in Phantom Castle and PVP. His Secret Technique gives 27.554 damage to one enemy, so he is great unit against bosses in Emergency Missions and Ninja Road. Killer Bee abilities give passive healing every turn. Instead of previously described units, his health level is decent pretty much. His speed is 214 – not best value, but provides quite comfortable playing.

5. Hashirama Senju: Bravery Unrivalled

Edo Hashirama we got in Blazing Festival is 5th most universal unit in game in my opinion. His Ninjutsu is AoE and deals 8556 damage using 4 chakra, but it has very short range. His Secret Technique is big advantage. With Vast range we have 21.390 damage, and we have chance to immobilize/ jutsu seal to enemy. Field and buddy skill provide 200 healing every turn. His abilities reduce all element damage by 25%. His speed is 242. This all is reason, why we can see Edo Hashirama in every game mode. I think short ranged ninjutsu is why there are few more useful units than him.

4. Madara Uchiha: The Vilest Name

To make things clear – I think Madara is one of two best units in Naruto Blazing, so what is the reason that I put him on 4th place? Only reason is 6 chakra required. It is only one unit with 6 chakra in my rating. This is why he is not that efficient in Phantom Castle, but in all other game modes he is top useful unit. His great ranged AoE Ninjutsu deals 11.712 damage, and gives 100% chance to do slip damage for 8 turns! I think I don’t need to describe his Ultimate Ninjutsu, do I? 35.136 damage to all units in range, and doesn’t deal lowered damage to Body units. Thing that makes it even more amazing is ability giving 20% chance to reduce chakra consumption to 0 during Secret Technique. His speed is also very good – 265. Buddy skill gives 200 healing, and field skill 200 attack boost.

3. Utakata: Fleeting Tranquility

Utakata is Long range Skill unit with unique ability – after he uses Secret Technique (4 chakra cost), it recover 4 bars, so he is able to use Ninjutsu in next turn after he used Secret Technique. Another fact is that his Ultimate Ninjutsu deals 18.656 damage to all in range, and gives 100% chance to slip damage, and his Ninjutsu hits 16.960 damage to one unit if it is  slipped ( normally 8480). That ability is reason why he is 3rd placed in this ranking. Another thing is that he ignores barrier. Utakata’s speed is 222. He is amazing unit for PVP combined with unit that provides slip damage.

2. Naruto Uzumaki: Seal of Light

I put him on 2nd place because he requires 5 bars of chakra. Every other statistic is simply irreplaceable – amazing self healing abilities and field/buddy skill, Ninjutsu that gives 14.616 and removes barrier, Long ranged Secret Technique with 33.408 damage to all enemies and ignores perfect dodge. Speed is 239. Notice that I consider all units with maxed abilities, without it Naruto needs 6 chakra.

1. Sasuke Uchiha: Seal of Shadow

And the winner is Sasuke. I don’t think he is better than SO6P Naruto or Madara, but for me he is more universal than them. Mostly because he requires 4 bars of chakra, his AoE Ninjutsu hits 8998 and gives 100% chance to slip damage, Vast range Secret Technique does 23.722 damage, with 100% chance of immobilization. His abilities can extend duration of slip damage/ immobilization to 7 turns (!). I think he deserves to be 1st in this ranking.

Guide by BabaYaga

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