Note: Guide made by BabaYaga

Naruto Blazing is a game which is developing so fast. Right now we have hundreds of playable units, everyone has possibility to create their dream teams, but what makes one unit better than others? Where should we search the answer? There are many things that make a unit more or less useful, but in this guide, I am going to focus on the only one – character’s abilities. After some researches and debates with community, I decided to create that list.

10. Reduce Damage

– Effect: Reduce (element ) damage at 10% (or even more)

– Unit examples:

Gaara: Many Bonds

Naruto: Seal of Light

Hashirama: Bravery Unrivalled 

Tenten: Valiant Warrior

Madara Uchiha: The Vilest Name

I was having a tough time to choose between this ability and Reducing Damage. Difference between them is here we get 10% less damage but only from one of the elements, and the second one reduces damage every element, but only at 5%. For me 10/20% bonus for one element is more important because of we don’t use any character against every element, do we? It makes me feel more comfortable when I can take less damage.

9. Ignore Barrier

– Effect: Ignore unit barrier and deals damage

– Unit examples:

Utakata: Fleeting Tranquility

Mei Terumi: The Mist That Melts All

Naruto Uzumaki: Child of Prophecy

You probably had more than one situation, when you decide to use your Ultimate Jutsu, b the t enemy unit was using barrier and he dodged all damage – Secret Technique was wasted. Units with this ability can deal damage even if enemy is using strong barrier.

8. Barrier Destruction

– Effect: Nullifies barrier and does damage

– Unit examples:

Sasuke Uchiha: Avenger

Right now we have only one unit in whole game who uses Barrier Destruction. This ability works similar to the last one, but it is even better, because it completely destroys unit barrier and let other units to do damage. This ability is blessing in Haku S-Rank Raid, if you have played it you probably know how useful it can be, if you haven’t played, you probably don’t appreciate it as much as me.

7. Attack Boost

– Effect: Boosts unit attack at 100 or more.

– Unit examples:

Uchiha Madara: The Vilest Name

Kakuzu: Life Reavers

Killer Bee: Completed Jinchuriki

Kushina Uzumaki: Enveloping Kindness

If we need to to kill all enemies as fast as it is possible we need to own units with high attack value, this ability boost unit standard attack, so it let us also do higher damage on Ninjutsu and Secret Technique which is big benefit. If unit has few Attack Boost abilities, effect will be even better and unit who was before just ok character, with this abilities can be really deadly like Kakuzu or Kushina, where abilities boosts their attack at 400 and 600.

6. Ninjutsu Boost AND Secret Technique Boost

– Effect: Changes Ninjutsu/ Secret Technique attack area from single target to AoE

– Unit examples:

Orochimaru: Hidden Ambitions (Ninjutsu Boost)

Naruto Uzumaki: Child of the Prophecy (Secret Technique Boost)

They are two similar abilities that extend Jutsus area. We have two units in game with these abilities. It could be very useful to make AoE unit from Single Targeted. This gives us possibility to do a lot of more damage using jutsu than before, especially that these two units have wide-ranged jutsus.

5. Extend Turn of Ninjutsu/Secret Technique Effects

– Effect: Extend status effect duration

– Unit examples:

Sasuke Uchiha: Seal of Shadow

Konohamaru Sarutobi: The Will of Budding Flames

Kankuro: Pride In His Work

This is ability that let us extend duration of  effects like Immobilization or Slip Damage for few turns. This is very useful in hard missions when our health is extremely important and these abilities let us survive longer and plan our next few turns in advance. Sasuke: Seal of Shadow can immobilize enemy unit even for 7 turns, that is amazing.

4. 0 Chakra Req’d for Ninjutsu AND 0 Chakra Req’d for Secret Technique

– Effect: Gives us 10% or more chance to reduce chakra consumed to 0

– Unit examples:

Minato Namikaze: Confronting Karma

Naruto Uzumaki: Proof of Bonds

Orochimaru: Hidden Ambitions

Jiraiya: Chance Encounter Under Fire

Madara Uchiha: The Vilest Name

Two abilities that give us 10% or 20% chances to reduce chakra consumption during Ninjutsu or Secret Technique. This let us to do Jutsu two times in row, which is very useful in difficult fights with bosses. For me it is most useful in Ninja Road mode when we use our teams in 20 different stages.

3. Ninjutsu/ Secret Technique Damage Boost

– Effect: Increases Ninjutsu/ Secret Technique damage multiplier by 1 (or more), if unit has more than 1 skill – effects are added

– Unit examples:

Minato Namikaze: Confronting Karma

Tobirama Senju: Enlightened Brilliance

Naruto Uzumaki: Child of Prophecy

This ability is rather similar to Attack Boost, but it doesn’t increase our normal attacks, only Ninjutsu/Secret Technique. Why I think this is more useful than Attack Boost? Because with this ability we usually are able to deal more damage on Jutsu than if we would have Attack Boost ability, and unit Jutsu level is more important than their normal attacks.

2. Self Healing

– Effect: Restores our health every turn we do

Unit examples:

Naruto Uzumaki: Seal of Light

Killer Bee: Completed Jinchuriki

Karin: Thousand Mile Perception

Sakura Haruno: Heroine of the Battlefield

Fuu: Wild And Free

Seriously, this ability saved my life ten times, ten times I needn’t use pearl to complete mission, because my units was having this ability. Do you know that feeling when you are playing tough mission and you are waiting impatiently just when Health Jug will appear? If you use some characters with this ability this will make mission much simpler than you though, but bear in mind that it doesn’t solute all problems and you still need to concentrate.

1. Chakra Gauge Boost

– Effect: Reduces chakra consumed by 1

– Unit examples:

Minato Namikaze: Confronting Karma

Sasuke Uchiha: Seal of Shadow

Naruto Uzumaki: Seal of Light

Obito Uchiha: Despair of Loneliness

Finally, we reached number one in this rating. For me, this is 100% winner of this. Chakra Gauge Boost let us clearly increase damage per chakra statistics, and use Jutsus sooner than before. It is very important in Emergency Missions, Phantom Castle, Ninja Road, and Ninja World Clash – all game modes, now you can see why it is the best ability of all.