In this guide I am going to include units that can avoid damage in any way, I am not including units with high health as a defensive ability, health value could be only considered as additional advantage that let us survive for longer time period. My rating is based on damage that we can block, number of turns that we can avoid damage, chakra usage, and other bonuses.

10. Tobirama Senju: Father of Reanimation


Tobirama is Short range Body unit that we can get in Impact Raid. His Ninjutsu costs 5 chakra and put barrier that can let him block up to 2500 damage for 4 turns, Ultimate Jutsu does AoE damage, but not high multiplier. Tobirama has got high health value, so as we can see he is definitely defensive unit.

9. Hinata Hyuga: Blossoming Talent

Hinata is Mid range Heart unit with decent stats. Her main advantage is chakra cost – she needs only 3 bars of chakra. Her Hinata’s Ninjutsu blocks up 1000 damage for 5 turns, and increases chance to perfect dodge by 20%. That Ninjutsu characteristics combined with chakra gauge make her good unit for some Emergency Missions, when we need fulfill our chakra. We can put Hinata close to enemy and spam her Ninjutsu.

8. Suigetsu Hozuki: The Demon Lives On

Suigetsu is character that we can get for free from Emergency Mission. He is Short range Bravery unit. I decided put him on 8th place, because his Ultimate Ninjutsu does damage (10.752 to one enemy) and gives 3 perfect dodges for 2 turns. So instead of previous units, Suigetsu can block damage and also deal damage. Jutsu chakra cost is 5. Also his field skill reduce damage taken by 15%.

7. Orochimaru: Corrupt Rebirth

Orochimaru is Mid range Heart unit from Impact raid. His Ultimate Ninjutsu hits 10.296 and puts barrier that allow block up to 2500 damage for 4 turns, while his chakra cost is 4. Orochimaru restores health when moving to next map. His health level is very high, and his sync skills reduces damage taken.

6. Haku: Tears of the Ice Mirror

Again in this rating we have Impact unit, this time Skill elemental Haku. His Ninjutsu cost 5 bars of chakra, and puts barrier to all units in range, that let block 2000 damage for 4 turns. Haku is only one character who can put barrier to ally units and including himself. This is very good advantage while playing Emergency Missions, and we need to stay alive against number of enemies. His Secret Technique deals damage and gives 60% chance of immobilization, which also is a way of defence. His health isn’t very high.

5. Itachi Uchiha: Beyond the Sharingan

Itachi is one of older Blazing Festival characters. He is Long range Heart unit with great attack and mediocre health pool, at least until he has abilities that increase his health value. His Secret Technique costs 5 chakra, deals 13.052 damage, but gives 3 perfect dodges for 3 turns. His field skill reduces Skill elemental damage, and one of sync skills also reduces damage taken.

4. Hinata Hyuga: Day of Happiness

Hinata is unit that we got from 500th Naruto period event. She is Mid range Skill unit with decent stats. Her Ninjutsu cost 4 bars of chakra, and puts barrier that let block up to 3000 damage for 5 turns. This is huge. Hinata’s Ultimate Ninjutsu deals damage and gives 90% chance to seal enemy jutsu for 6 turns. She restores health when moving to next map, and her sync skills restore health or reduce damage taken. She could have higher health value, but following her Ninjutsu I put her on 4th place in this Top 10 list.

3. Jiraiya: Chance Encounter Under Fire

Jiraiya is one of units we got last time. He is Long range Body character with 6 chakra cost. His Ninjutsu puts barrier that allow block up to 4000 damage for 5 turns, and restores 2 bars of chakra. 4000 is very high value and let us block up pretty much every attack. Two of his abilities increase health level, that is good because Jiraiya’s health pool is not great. His buddy skill reduces Skill elemental damage, and one of his sync skills also reduces Skill damage taken. This all make that he ends on 3rd place in this rating.

2. Minato Namikaze: Confronting Karma

Minato is Vast range Skill unit with some great advantages. When he has maxed abilities, he needs only 3 bars of chakra. His Ninjutsu deals 9600 damage to one enemy and gives 3 perfect dodges for 2 turns. His Secret Technique does 20.800 damage and gives 5 perfect dodges for 4 turns. Remember that his abilities gives chance to use 0 chakra during Ninjutsu and Secret Technique, so perfect dodge status can be prolonged. That advantages make Edo Minato great on each game mode. Unlucky his health is very low, so usually he is priority target in pvp mode unless his perfect dodge status expires. His buddy skill reduces damage taken by 20%, and his sync skill reduces Heart elemental damage by 20%.

1.Sasuke Uchiha: Curse Mark 2nd State

I haven’t got any objections which one unit put in first place. Sasuke CM2 is Short range Wisdom unit that we can get for free from Impact Raid. He is 5 chakra cost unit, and thing that makes him irreplaceable is his ninjutsu. It gives 2 perfect dodges for 3 turns and restores 7 chakra (!). That means if we use ninjutsu, our chakra fills up and we can use Secret Technique sooner. If we kill all enemies on stage except one, and we will stay close enemy doing Ninjutsu all time, he won’t do any damage to us. This Sasuke is created for toughest missions in game, using him increases chance of winning competition pretty much anytime. Two of his abilities reduce damage taken, so even if we have not used Ninjutsu, we will take lowered damage. Even buddy skill reduces damage taken by 15%. His sync skills are reduce Bravery damage by 15% or reduce Wisdom damage by 15%. He is great in EMs and Ninja Road, but useless in Phantom Castle and PVP.