Hello and welcome to the Ultimate Ninja Blazing X Top 10 Chakra Efficient Characters list! In this top ten we will be counting down the units that are useful to have on your team, but this time it is based off how efficient their usage of chakra is in conjunction with what their jutsus do!

10 – Kakashi – Hidden Left Eye

To start off this list we have Kakashi – Hidden Left Eye. Kakashi is a skill type character with a chakra cost of 4 for the regular jutsu, and 8 for the ultimate jutsu.

The reason as to why Kakashi, a six star unit is at the bottom of this list when there are 5 star units  higher up on the list is due to the fact that it is based off the chakra cost and the effectiveness of the characters jutsus- and Kakashi’s aren’t great.

His regular jutsu can deal 2.8 x attack on a single target with a 20% chance of immobilisation. Not only is this a low multiplier for a single target jutsu, but the chance to immobilise is also very low.

His ultimate jutsu is unfortunately not his saving grace. At a cost of 8 chakra, Kakashi is granted 6 perfect dodges for 3 turns. Keep in mind that Itachi Uchiha – Beyond the Sharingan’s ultimate jutsu deals 6.5 x attack in a large range with multiple targets AND gives him perfect dodge 3 times for 3 turns, at cost of 10 chakra.

As we can see, Kakashi does not have the best jutsus around, with his ultimate being only a perfect dodge, but for 4 chakra his single target jutsu is not the worst thing in the world, especially when he is max limit broken,  placing him at the bottom of the list.

9 – Tayuya – Aggressive Strategist

Number 9 on the list is Tayuya – Aggressive Strategist. This unit is incredibly useful due to her low chakra cost of 4 in order to use her jutsu.

Tayuya’s jutsu deals 2.8 x attack to all of the enemies in her range, which is large and circular. What makes this jutsu stand out however, is the 65% chance it has to seal the jutsu of whatever enemy is hit by her attack.

This jutsu can be extremely helpful in raids such as Rock Lee’s, where there are many different enemies on screen at once who are attempting to use their jutsus, and at a low cost of 4 chakra Tayuya can seal many of their jutsus giving you the time you need to finish them off.

8 – Sakura – Hardened Resolve

Next up is Sakura Haruno – Hardened Resolve. This Wisdom type character is particularly useful due to both of her jutsus being able to hit multiple targets for only 4 chakra.

Her first jutsu is a simple one, dealing 2 x attack to all enemies in range, but the range is large and circular, like skill Tayuya. It has no additional effects, meaning if you had this character at max limit break level with an attack of 1492, it would deal 2984 damage to all characters in a large range, which would kill many regular enemies on a lot of missions.

Her Ultimate jutsu is also an area of effect attack and can hit multiple targets. For 8 chakra, she can hit all enemies in a small range hitting them with a 5.4 x attack multiplier, which will kill almost all regular enemies and will do a decent amount to a boss character.

This ultimate jutsu is also has a 35% chance of slip damage and/or attack reduction for 5 turn(s) each, which if attacking multiple enemies can cripple them if this effect is activated.

7 – Kabuto – Amazing Regeneration

If you’ve read our Top 5 Useful 5 Star Characters list, you will remember that this character was ranked below Tayuya – Aggressive Strategist on that list, but on this one he is higher ranked than she is!

That’s because this list is only based on the chakra efficiency of the jutsus and what they do, and Kabuto sure does use his chakra well.

His jutsu enables his to heal 2,020 HP at a cost of 4 chakra, which is a good amount to heal for this chakra cost. However, what sets him apart from many other healers in the game is that he is able to self-heal this amount.

This means that Kabuto is able to heal while not having to group up with his allies, so the risk that you will take a lot of damage from enemy combination attacks is much lower, placing him at number 7 on this list.

6 – Naruto – Mastered Rasengan

At number 6 we have Naruto – Mastered Rasengan. Naruto’s jutsus cost him 4 and 8 chakra to perform, but fall a bit short in the utility department.

Naruto’s first jutsu is a single target attack multiplier that also raises his own attack by 50 % for 3 turns. This is a useful jutsu to use on stage 2/3 mini bosses, as it does not take that much chakra to perform a decent attack onto one enemy while getting an attack boost.

His range for this jutsu however, is one of the worst in the game, as it is the attack range that is in a semi-circle shape. The reason why this is the worst range in the game is the fact that if an enemy is on the far left hand side of the map, they are impossible to hit with the jutsu due to its range shape!

His ultimate jutsu has a very high attack multiplier of 8 x, but is still only single target and shares the same jutsu range shape as his regular jutsu, meaning if the boss is on the left hand side of the screen, you’re stuffed.

5 – Sasuke – Lone Survivor

Like all of the other characters on this list so far, Sasuke Uchiha – Lone Survivor has a chakra cost of 4 in order to use his jutsu and 8 for his ultimate.

I’ll talk about Sasuke’s ultimate before his regular jutsu- because you should never, ever, use it. Sasuke’s ultimate jutsu grants him an attack boost of 50% for 10 turns. That’s it.

Sasuke’s ultimate does not, like some of the units who came after him, give him a restoration of chakra when he uses his ultimate that boosts his attack stat, meaning that you cannot use an attack boosted jutsu due to him having no chakra restored.

If it weren’t for his excellent regular jutsu, Sasuke would be much lower down on the list. Sasuke’s regular jutsu can deal 1.8 x damage to all enemies in range of his attack, which has the rectangle shaped jutsu range, which is fairly large.

While this multiplier may seem low, considering the fact that when fully limit broken this character has the highest base attack stat in the game of 2,314, and it can easily clear out regular enemies in one sweep.

This jutsu also has a 40% chance to deal slip damage to anyone it hits for 5 turns, so it can be useful for chipping away at the health of a boss character.

Overall, this character’s ultimate should never be touched, and his jutsu should be used to clean out regular enemies when they group together due to his high stats.

4 – Kabuto – The Sound’s Spy

If you remember from earlier I referenced our Top 5 Useful 5 Star Characters list. This character is at the top of that list, and with good reason.

His jutsu heals 1780 HP to one ally, meaning he has to go over to the ally to heal them. You may be asking, “Why is this character better than the other Kabuto?” Well that’s because he is the only character on the list who only has to use 3 chakra in order to use his jutsu.

This is a very useful thing to have, making stalling against the bosses easier as this Kabuto actually heals more HP per chakra than the other kabuto, placing him near the top of the list.

3 – Minato – Rapid Lightning

Minato Namikaze – Rapid Lightning is very deserving of this high a spot on the list. Like many others, his chakra cost of his jutsus are 4 and 8.

While his jutsus are so simple, they are incredibly devastating. For his first jutsu, he deals 4.8 x his attack stat to one enemy, and with his decent attack stat of 1462 this can be particularly useful against mid-mission bosses.

However, his ultimate jutsu is where he really shines. While still only a single target jutsu, it has a whopping 11 x attack multiplier, something that can obliterate an enemy bosses health bar for only 8 chakra.
In addition to this high multiplier, the ultimate jutsu range is in the shape of a giant ‘X’ with Minato as the center, enabling him to deal this very high amount of damage from far away.

2 – Tsunade – Slug Ninja

In the number 2 spot we have Tsunade – Slug Ninja. Tsunade is an incredible unit, with her 2 jutsus doing very different things and both being incredibly useful in their own right.

Her first jutsu costs 4 chakra, and heals 1280 HP to herself, but with a short range can also heal any allies for the same amount, and if there are both allies in range this jutsu can heal a very high amount of HP for only 4 chakra.

This jutsu also has a secondary effect, which is the removal of jutsu sealing on any allies that are currently sealed, a useful ability if you are facing many enemies that have jutsus sealing abilities.

Her ultimate attack is also useful, with a 7 x attack multiplier on a single target, but unfortunately suffers from the same attack range of Naruto – Mastered Rasengan and can’t hit enemies on the far left hand side of the map.

Overall Tsunade is an incredible unit that belongs on any heart type team, but is slightly overshadowed by her own student for the number one spot on the list.

1 – Sakura – Unrelenting Commitment

Sakura Haruno – Unrelenting Commitment is an amazing character for chakra efficiency, with her jutsus similar to Tsunade being a healing jutsu and an attack, but her ultimate is simply much better.

Her regular jutsu costs the standard low 4 chakra to perform, and heals one ally 3150 HP. This is more useful than Tsunade, as for her to reach over 3K healing she has to group up with all of her allies, but Sakura only has to be with one of them, reducing the risk of taking high damage from a combination attack from the enemy.

Sakura’s ultimate jutsu is also incredibly useful, costing 8 chakra she can hit multiple enemies with a 5 x attack multiplier, and has a 50% chance to immobilise anyone hit by her attack for 2 turns, something that can be invaluable in tougher raids.

Overall, Sakura’s useful healing jutsu and her incredible ultimate jutsu makes her deserve the number one spot on this list of chakra efficient characters.

And that’s that! I hope you enjoyed this list, and good luck summoning the characters featured on it, as I’m sure you will find them incredibly useful!