Two new Blazing Awakenable characters join the Bash: Sakura Haruno “Unwavering Feelings” (★5) & Ino Yamanaka “Promise Upheld” (★5)!

Also enjoy awesome rewards in the 9-Level Ultimate Blazing Bash Multi Summon!

– Sakura Haruno “Unwavering Feelings” (★5) ⇒ Can be Awakened to ★6!

Sakura Haruno “Unwavering Feelings” (★6) is ready to join the fight as a Heart elemental ninja! When she uses her Secret Technique, not only does it remove one enemy’s attack boost, but it also gives her high resistance to Immobilization! And many different status will change when you Blazing Awakening her! When you take her for a spin in the Ninja World Clash, her Ninjutsu doesn’t just damage the enemy she strikes—it takes a chunk out of their Chakra Gauge, too!

– Ino Yamanaka “Promise Upheld” (★5) ⇒ Can be Awakened to ★6!

Ino Yamanaka “Promise Upheld” (★6) is here as a Wisdom elemental ninja! Acquiring her first and third ability will reduce Bravery-elemental damage by 20% for each ability! And many different status will change when you Blazing Awakening her! When you use her ★6 Ninjutsu in Ninja World Clash, it will change the area of effect to deal damage to all enemies in range, and giving you a speed and attack boost! She’s got great synergy with the ability “0 Chakra Required for Ninjutsu”!

Returning Blazing Bash Exclusive Characters:
Hinata Hyuga “Unwavering Courage” (★5)
Can be Awakened to ⇒ (★6) ⇔ (★6)

Neji Hyuga “Burden of Fate” (★5)
Can be Awakened to ⇒ (★6) ⇔ (★6)

Madara Uchiha “Path of Dreams” (★5)
Can be Awakened to ⇒ (★6) ⇔ (★6)

  • Calum

    Could you guys please add another PVE game mode where it is easier to farm pearls because being a free to play player and just not having the money to spend on the game put players at a big disadvantage and for those players having to save up a couple of months to have a chance at getting one character they want and may not even getting the desired character is not a good feeling and cause lots of players to leave so I was hoping for another PVE mode where it is easier for everyone to farm pearls and get a good amount in a short time in order to summon for characters and level the playing field and bit more for every player


      This isnt thier official website