Two new Blazing Awakenable characters join the Bash: Haku “Chilling Edge” (★5) & Zabuza Momochi “Demonic Presence” (★5)!

Also, enjoy awesome rewards in the 9-Level Ultimate Blazing Bash Multi Summon!

– Haku “Chilling Edge” (★5) ⇒ Can be Awakened to ★6!

Haku “Chilling Edge” (★6) is ready to join the fight as a Bravery elemental ninja! His field and buddy skill will reduce Wisdom elemental damage! And many different statuses will change when you Blazing Awakening him! His first ability will gain a “damage boost against Wisdom”, which will make him deadly against Wisdom elemental enemies!

– Zabuza Momochi “Demonic Presence” (★5) ⇒ Can be Awakened to ★6!

Zabuza Momochi “Demonic Presence” (★6) is ready to join the fight as a Body elemental ninja! He possesses a strong secret technique that attacks 1 enemy in range, with a chance of health recovery sealing and immobilization effect! Also, check out his Blazing Awakening Ninjutsu and Secret Technique for a whole new level of destruction! When you use his Ninjutsu, he attacks all enemies in range with a chance of a powerful attack reduction effect!

Returning Blazing Bash Exclusive Characters:
Rock Lee “A Genius of Hard Work” (★5) Can be Awakened to ⇒ (★6) ⇔ (★6)
Gaara “Solid Sandstorm” (★5) Can be Awakened to ⇒ (★6) ⇔ (★6)
Naruto Uzumaki “Power of Determination” (★5) Can be Awakened to ⇒ (★6) ⇔ (★6)
Sasuke Uchiha “Parting Wings” (★5) Can be Awakened to ⇒ (★6) ⇔ (★6)

And many others!