Hello all, the site is under going some tier list rating changes. Have to re-adjust some characters from the past, so ratings will fluctuate. Apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Sefqan Bendes

    Does that mean that the ratings in overall will be fixed because the atings now say that a 8,7-9,2 is decent or maybe good so it would be fine if those Ratings would be lowered

    • KennyMclovin

      yea we will keep that in mind.

      • Sefqan Bendes

        Good work!
        You really have worked on this side and changed the ratings in such a short time there are just some things like hayate under shitsui in which i wouldnt agree but in such a short time mistakes happen and its totally normal.
        I hope you will take care of this site for a longer time to make it even better than it is. Keep it up!

        • Boruto

          Thanks, we have more coming, just need a bit more time.

  • DarkkFire


  • Uchia kid

    When does it stop