Special thanks to antonlabz for making this wonderful video. I have transcribed his video for those that want to read it.


Hello friends and welcome to the Naruto Blazing Susano’o Itachi Raid (S Rank) guide. Before you read the guide watch the video above. I’m going to be giving a run down of every aspect of the video so you can always come back to this for better reference.


First thing to note is the amount of stalling this raid is going to take. It will not be fast and you will spend a lot of time in the raid so be very prepared for it.

Here are a few things that you’ll want to have to successfully get through the raid.

  • A way to deal with Barriers
  • Dedicated Dodger/Tanker
  • Some form of constant healing
  • Good Attacks

Team Setup

First thing to note is that you don’t need to have this exact team to get through this raid. But I am going to base this off of the team setup used in the video above.

For your attackers there are a few things you’re gonna want to look for.

  • Preferably a Heart character
  • Low charka if possible for spamming purposes
  • High DPC(Damage per chakra)

Now there are many characters you can use that meet the above suggestions. Below will be some suggested characters split up by roles they would play in the raid.


Kakashi Hatake

  • High attack
  • High DPC
  • Has dodge buddy skill if needed


Itachi Uchiha

  • Strong long range unit
  • Being long range and having Skill reduction on field skill means he can support your Tanker from a safe distance
  • Has perfect dodge on Ultimate

Barrier Breakers

Sasuke Uchiha

  • Removes barriers with his Ultimate Jutsu
  • Normal Jutsu can immobilize can be useful on stages 1-2


  • Free alternative to Chidori Sasuke with higher chakra costs
  • Attack boost on buddy skill


Sasuke Uchiha

  • Would not recommend anyone but Sasuke because if they aren’t dodging in crucial moments (often) they aren’t helpful.



  • Barrier Jutsu
  • Has dodge capabilities
  • Capable of being attacker as well because of Ultimate


  • Super low chakra cost (3/6)
  • Spammable Barrier jutsu which comes with chance of dodge (20%)
  • Nuke on Ultimate


Things to look out for

  • Field Heal
  • Buddy Heal
  • Healing Jutsu


  • Highest heal in game but is risky
  • Insane damage output on Ultimate


  • Has both buddy and field heal

Stage Info

Hp: 77,000

Range: Mid

Damage: 400

Moveset: Tsukuyomi

Tsukuyomi – 1800 damage, Gives him 3 perfect dodges for 3 turns, Uses it every 3 turns, Long ranged hitbox


Stage 1

Let your Tanker/Dodger take the hits from Itachi’s Ultimate. This is going to make it easy to soak up the attack and either make him waste it or lower the impact.

Make sure when he uses his ultimate the other 2 units are far away so they aren’t caught up in its range. The whole point of having a Tanker/Dodger is to eat these kinds of hits.

After his Ultimate he is vulnerable for 1 turn so send your attackers in at him and deal as much damage as you can. Make use of your jutsu during this time.

Try to start the next stage with full HP if at all possible.

Stage 2

For stage 2 just follow the same steps as stage 1. It’s a very similar fight so you don’t have to change up your strategy to much.

Make sure to have as much HP and chakra as possible before the next stage. You want them both full if possible.

Stage Info

Normal Attack – 1-2 CD, Full Map attack, Unavoidable, AoE, 1590 Damage, Bottom left is a safe-zone

DANGER, Seal Sword – Single Target, 2920 Damage, Immobilize (3 turns), Seal (4 turns), Prevents switching (5 turns), Picks closest unit

SUPPORT, Yata Mirror – Puts up barrier for both parts, Uses every 4 turns, Lasts forever until broken

Main Body 

HP: 190,000

Range: Long

Movesets: Sword of Sealing, Slash


HP: 50,000

Moveset: Yata Mirror

Stage 3

First thing to do is have your dedicated Tanker/Dodger stay closer than the other units to take all of the Sword of Sealing attacks. They need to be the only ones being hit by this move.

The next thing to do is probably the most important. Kill the Shield ASAP. If the shield stays up you’re going to be in a very difficult spot and possible fail the raid entirely.

Make sure to utilize corners to stall and heal in order to keep your team alive. It’s going to be a lengthy fight so abuse all the heals you can.

Spam your jutsu with your DPC character. They’re gonna be the main source of damage you folllow during this fight. But keep them as far back as you can remember the Sword of Sealing is bad.