Welcome to the Shop Guide. We are going to cover the things inside of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing shop. That Includes buying pearls, the friends list, inventory, and how to best use the pearls you have.

Purchase Ninja Pearls

In this section of the shop you will find Ninja Pearls sectioned off into brackets.

  1. NinjaPearlA : 1 – $0.99
  2. NinjaPearlB : 6 – $3.99
  3. NinjaPearlC : 12 – $6.99
  4. NinjaPearlD : 30 – $16.99
  5. NinjaPearlE : 60 – $31.99
  6. NinjaPearlF : 90 – $44.99

Recover Stamina

Recovering Stamina can be done for the cost of 1 Ninja Pearl to completely refill your stamina bar. I only recommend doing this when you’re half way to a new level or you’re farming high stamina missions.

Recover PC Stamina

Recover PC Stamina allows you to refill your Phantom Castle Stamina for the cost of 1 Ninja Pearl. This is nice, as Phantom Castle stamina only refills 1 orb an hour.

Expand Your Character List

Expanding Your Character List allows you to spend Ninja Pearls to increase your inventory space for new units / items by 5. You can currently expand this to a maximum of 250 slots. I recommend you spend any extra pearls on expanding your character list up to 100 slots but only when you don’t have enough to Summon a new unit.

Expand Your Friends List

Expanding your Friends List increases the amount of friends you can add. It’s not an important feature unless you’re running a Guild. Don’t waste Pearls on this.

What to Spend On?

If you are going to buy Ninja Pearls its best to buy them in bulk. Only buy the 30 ninja pearl or 90 ninja pearl options. While the Multi Ninja summon is currently at 30 pearls per summon, these are currently the best value for someone investing in the game and even at the best value for later on for single summons.

Try to only use your Pearls on Summoning new units until you have a solid team of 5 or 6 star units. The next best option after that is to expand your inventory space, and then to keep Ninja Pearls in reserve until you need to summon again or using a Ninja Pearl to save you from a wipe during a raid mission.