Big Changes have finally come to ratings, All PVE ratings have been revamped. Sorry for making you guys wait so long.

From now on unit ratings will be following this format:
1-2.9 Bad Unit
3-4.9 Mediocre Unit
5-6.9 Good Unit
7-7.9 Very Good Unit
8-8.9 Incredible Unit
9-10 Absolute Best Units
Again sorry for the bad ratings and such we gonna make this site great again! More big changes coming soon!
  • João Almeida

    work in progress just take it slow and analyze it well because most of the units can be used on situations, also i would separate the rates because bb units are amazing for pvp but no use on pve ( if they are awakened)

  • KarektR

    Damn guys thanks for scaring me with those ratings. I freaked out when I saw how low some characters are now but I understand your reasoning and the new rating system.

  • FSC7

    These Ratings are still Broken Haku 6.8 and Naruto Mastered Rasengan 6.7 is a Joke.