The Phantom Castle is the Player vs Player portion of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing which is only available at specific periods of time for several days at a time. Phantom Castle is a 3 vs 3 combat stage with the AI controlling the other players Ninja team.

How it Works

You will have the ability to make a new team of 3 when you start the Phantom Castle, up to 7 variations, much like the regular game mode. The difference is you won’t have a buddy unit for anyone on your team. You gain points and rank from battling. The Opponent menu only display’s the first unit of a team, with the last two remaining hidden until you reach the combat stage.


The Phantom Castle works with it’s own independent Stamina system, you have 3 Stamina orbs and each battle will consume 1 point of the Stamina orbs. The Stamina orbs refill by 1 point per hour or you can use a Ninja Pearl which will completely refill all of your Stamina orbs.



After going through the Challenge menu you are presented with your team composition, and the enemy team composition. Above the enemy team you will find the button “Update”, Updating will refresh the 3 teams listed. Using update will help you find a favorable match up based on the starting Character, Rank and Points.


Rankings in Phantom Castle change as you win fights and climb the PVP ladder. The ranking doesn’t update instantly. The higher your rank on the Ladder, the stronger the teams you will face. Increasing your teams rank will change the reward tier that you will receive when the Phantom Castle ends.

  • Rank 1-100 -> Exclusive unit x5, Health Boost x10, Attack Boost x10, Ninja Pearl x30
  • Rank 101-500 -> Exclusive unit x4, Health Boost x10, Attack Boost x10, Ninja Pearl x20
  • Rank 501-500 -> Exclusive unit x3, Health Boost x5, Attack Boost x5, Ninja Pearl x10
  • Rank 1001-5000 -> Exclusive unit x2, Health Boost x3, Attack Boost x3, Ninja Pearl x5
  • Rank 5001-10000 -> Exclusive unit x1, Health Boost x2, Attack Boost x2, Ninja Pearl x1
  • Rank 10001+ -> Skill x1, Skill x5, Health Boost x1, Attack Boost x1


You can earn rewards from Phantom Castle based on your ranking at the end of the event and from completing levels. The rewards can include anything from Ryo, Pill Bottles, Ninja Pearls and even exclusive ninja units.

  • Ranking Rewards – Tier/Rank based rewards. Examples: 5 Star unit, Health Boost, Attack boost, Ninja Pearls.
  • Floor Rewards – Various Ramen, Friendship Points, Ryo,  Ninja Pearls, Health Boost, Attack Boost.


  • You will need the strongest units when going through the Phantom Castle. So try to max out 5 stars and 6 star characters if you are aiming for the top ladder rewards.
  • Medium and Long range units and AOE units are preferred.
  • Low Chakra cost units are helpful
  • Try a unit with a Sealing Jutsu
  • Beat teams with higher points or rank as it will give you a better payout.
  • A unit that can attack and has a healing field skill can be useful in this mode.
  • You don’t start with 1/2 chakra bar.

My Team Setup


I chose this team setup:

  • Jiraiya “Enter the Sage”
  • Kiba “Wild Partners”
  • Kabuto “The Sound’s Spy”

The reason for using them is because their ninjutsu chakra cost is only 3. So that means at the start of the battle, you will be able to use their specials right away when they get their turn. Since you need to do as much AoE damage to multiple units, it will be key for you to use your ninjutsu as much as possible. This is also the team I use to beat 6★ characters.


Since the position of the battle in Phantom castle is always random, you won’t always start with the opponents cluttered together. Your goal in the first 3 turns is to group at least 2 up and use Jiraya’s and Kiba’s AoE to deal as much damage as possible. Kabuto is there for the heal should you take too much damage.

Also, avoid grouping all your characters too close. Sometimes the AI will use their AoE or nearby support attacks and you will take a lot of damage. You can switch your AoE attackers around to your liking.

I won’t recommend 5 chakra bar attackers since it will take way too long to use your ninjutus. Also bring long range characters like Sakura “Maiden of Love” or Gaara “Sand Defense” as they can support your other character’s attacks very well.