Special thanks to antonlabz for making this wonderful video. I have transcribed his video for those that want to read it.


Hello friends and welcome to the Naruto Blazing Pain (Tendo) Impact Raid Guide Before you read the guide watch the video above. I’m going to be giving a run down of every aspect of the video so you can always come back to this for better reference.


The preface is to give a little information before jumping into the raid


  • Poison areas (Damage every turn as long as you’re in it)
  • Chakra Reduction (Reduces chakra by 1 on your next turn)
  • Short range units will have a hard time with normal attacks. Same goes for short range jutsu

Team Setup

This section is to show some suggestions for good team setups to use in the raid. They are not required by any means only meant to be used as suggestions.



  • Long Range
  • AoE barrier if needed
  • Strong Ult Nuke
  • Buddy Heal


  • Slip Damage + Immobilize
  • Buddy Heal
  • Strong Ult Nuke


  • Decent damage output
  • Perfect Dodge
  • Damage reduction on field skill

Things to look for

  • High damage output, preferably, a Nuker
  • Bravery because you want to kill ASAP
  • Slip Damage
  • Attack Reduction
  • Mid to Long range attacks



  • Can still infinitely stall if standing in Chakra Reduction Field
  • Has a Nuke for finishing off the boss when done dodging
  • Damage reduction (Buddy)



  • Long Range
  • Field AND Buddy heal
  • Actual healer too

Stacking passive healing is recommended because it does not cost any chakra and there is a risk of your chakra being eaten by the field.


Stage 1 Info

Bandit Leader

  • 6000 HP
  • 370 Attack
  • Mid

Thief Leader

  • 6000
  • 370 Attack
  • Mid


  • 45,000
  • 300 Attack
  • Mid
  • AoE Jutsu (750 damage)

Safest stage to to stall on. If you decide to stall on a mob you have to kill Konan ASAP.

Otherwise you play normally. If you have lots of passive healing and Long ranged units. you are able to stall in the next round too and dont have to stay in this stage for that long.

Stage 2 Info


  • 65,000 HP
  • 160 Attack
  • Mid
  • Almighty Push (Full map attack, 320 damage, Used every 2 turns, knocks you back)

If you stand directly above him, he won’t be able to push you all the way back into the poison. If he is sealed he will normal attack.

Long ranged units are able to stand above him AND attack. Mid-Short units will have to move closer and risk getting pushed too far. If your passive healing is good, you don’t need to use any Jutsu and can just chip his health away while healing.

Make sure to have everything up by next stage.

Stage 3 Info

Pain – 165,000 HP

  • All attacks are full map attacks

DANGER – Almighty Push

  • 600 Damage
  • Pushes all units

OBSTRUCTION – Universal Pull

  • Pulls all units next to him
  • No damage

SECRET – Planetary Devastation

  • 1200 Damage
  • Pulls all units to the middle

He has Seal and Immobilize resistance.

WARNING: His attacks will deal more damage over time.

Kill him ASAP.

His preemptive pulls you in front of him and into the Chakra Reduction. He will play with your positioning like a toy.

Standing directly above or below him prevents you from being pushed to far. Short range units cannot hit him normally.

As soon as its’ your turn switch to your back row and use their ultimate. This allows you to get your ultimate off before your chakra can be eaten.

If you don’t, well, you could say this raid will be a Pain to do.