New Year’s Resolution Summon Now Available!

This summon will be featuring the Legendary couple-Minato Namikaze “Flash of Dawn” (★5) and Kushina Uzumaki “Vermillion Prayer” (★5) in Kimono!

Enjoy a five-time use 3-Level Multi Summon with amazing bonuses as well!

Minato Namikaze “Flash of Dawn” (★5) is a Wisdom elemental ninja faster than light!
If an enemy gets in the range of his Ninjutsu, there is a high chance that the enemy’s strength will be weakened!
Make sure to check his flashy secret technique!

Kushina Uzumaki “Vermillion Prayer” (★5) is a Bravery elemental ninja!
Her Ninjutsu has a high chance of immobilizing enemies that get in her range!
And her Secret Technique will deal even more damage on an immobilized enemy!

New Year’s Resolution Summon Featured Character (Summon rates increased!)
Minato Namikaze “Flash of Dawn” (★5) ⇒ Can be Awakened to ★6!
Kushina Uzumaki “Vermillion Prayer” (★5)⇒ Can be Awakened to ★6!

Source: Facebook