Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Blazing is a mobile game in which you move characters around and attack the opponent with powerful ninjutsu. Each character’s ninjutsu has a different chakra cost. One chakra can be attained per round. On this guide I will be explaining which characters are the best for the lowest cost of chakra.

10 – Rinnegan Sasuke

We kick off this list with the first anniversary unit, Sasuke. He is a long-range wisdom unit and is completely AOE with a 5/10 (4/8 with 5 abilities) chakra cost. His health stat is a high 1708, and his attack is 1336 (1586 with 3 abilities). His jutsu is AOE with a 5.5x multiplier. It has an 80% (100% with 1 ability) chance to cause slip damage for 7 (10 with 4 abilities) rounds. His ultimate ninjutsu is AOE with a vast range, and has a 14.5x multiplier with an 80% chance to immobilize for 2 turns. It pulls all the enemies in. He was put on this list because of his ability to go down to 4/8 and cause slip damage, which makes him amazing for phantom castle when paired with Utakata.

9 – Wisdom Karin

Karin is a long-range wisdom unit who has a bit of utility and the lowest cost for a 6★ unit (3/6) (there is another 3/6 unit, Temari, but she would never be used outside Phantom Castle). This unit’s stats are 1402 (1972 max LB, 2172 max abilities) attack and 1022 (1552 max LB) health. Her normal jutsu is AOE with a multiplier of 4x, and it ignores perfect dodges. Her ultimate ninjutsu is single target with a multiplier of 11.5x, and has a 60% (70% with abilities) to jutsu seal. Karin also field heals. Karin is long range, this means she can hit many people on the field. Use her normal jutsu if you need to get rid of a crowd. Her Ninja World Clash stats are nothing special, although she does have decent health, 44684.

8 – Sage Naruto

Naruto is a mid-range bravery unit with many perks with the low chakra cost of 4/8. He also has one of the lowest character costs for 6★, which is 38/19. He is expected to have a Limit Break within the next few months. With one ability, he passes through barriers. The stats for this Naruto are 1474 health and 1420 (1620 max abilities) attack. His normal jutsu is a single target with a 4x (6x with abilities) multiplier with an 80% chance to lower attack. His ultimate ninjutsu is single target (AOE with max abilities) and has a 10x (12x with max abilities, 12x on a wisdom unit and 14x on a wisdom unit with abilities). All in all, this unit is probably the best low cost under 28 6★ unit. I strongly encourage you to save up materials for his inevitable Limit Break.

7 – Skill Tsunade

Tsunade is a fantastic long range skill unit. Her cost is 4/8. She is widely considered the best skill healer, with her only downside being she has no buddy or field heal. Her stats are 816 health and 1672 (1872 with abilities) attack. Her normal jutsu is a healing jutsu which heals 3400 (4400 max abilities) and grants a 25% attack boost for 10 turns. Her ultimate ninjutsu is unique, it is single target with a 13x multiplier, and heals 2000 (3000 with max abilities). It knocks the enemy back. Definitely, a must have, probably the best skill healer.

6 – Killer Bee

Killer Bee is one of many short-range body units with a 4/8 cost. Definitely the strongest of them all. This man brings three self-healing abilities, so 300 health is restored each round with those abilities. His stats are 1922 health and 2096 (2396 with 2 abilities) attack. Bee’s normal jutsu is single target a multiplier of 5x, and his ultimate ninjutsu is single target with a multiplier of 11.5x, ignores perfect dodges and knocks back the opponent. He’s almost essential for Ninja World Clash, but he can be replaced by Hashirama.

5 – Kirin Sasuke

Kirin Sasuke is a long-range heart unit with great multipliers, a 4/8 chakra cost, high stats and AOE jutsus. His second ability makes it so he passes through barriers. This emo boy’s stats are pretty high with a health stat of 1006 (1456 max LB) and an attack stat of 1636 (2086 max LB). His normal jutsu is AOE with a 3.5x multiplier and a 90% (+10% with one ability) chance to cause slip damage and his ultimate ninjutsu is AOE with a 9x multiplier, with a 50% (+10% with max abilities) chance to immobilize. This man is key for Phantom Castle when paired with Utakata. Overall fantastic heart unit.

4 – Utakata

Utakata is possibly the strongest long-range skill unit, boasting that sexy 4/8 cost and an AOE ultimate. His stats are 1366 health and 1396 (1596 with 3 abilities) attack. His normal jutsu is single target with a 5x multiplier, but when the enemy has a slip damage debuff, it has a 10x multiplier. His ultimate ninjutsu is AOE with an 11x multiplier, and when used it restores 3 chakra to Utakata, and it has a 100% chance to cause slip damage for 3 turns. Place this guy on a team with Kirin Sasuke and you’re good.

3 – Hashirama

Hashirama is a long range body unit with a beautiful 4/8 chakra cost, field healing and buddy healing and AOE jutsus. He has 5 abilities, and each ability grants him 25% damage reduction for a specific element. This man’s stats are 1806 health and 1326 attack. His normal jutsu is AOE with a 6x multiplier and a 60% chance of health recovery sealing and/or jutsu sealing for 4 turns. His ultimate ninjutsu is AOE with a 15x multiplier and vast range. It also has a 50% chance to immobilize for 2 turns and/or seal their jutsu for 6 turns. Excellent utility, but his only downside is that his field and buddy skills are used to heal, but his abilities are used for stalling on the opponent. Overall amazing unit.

2 – Edo Tensei KCM Minato

Minato is an amazing VAST range skill unit which has a 4/8 (3/6 with max abilities) chakra cost. His stats are 1102 health and 1500 attack. His normal jutsu is single target with a 4x (6x with 4 abilities) multiplier and it grants 3 perfect dodges for 2 turns. His ultimate ninjutsu is single target with a multiplier of 11x (13x with 4 abilities) and it grants 5 perfect dodges for 4 turns. With 1 ability, there is a 10% chance that his normal jutsu will use no chakra, and with 3 abilities there is a 10% chance that his ultimate ninjutsu will use no chakra. His speed is above average and he’s almost essential for a good Ninja World Clash team. His low costs, high damage and perfect dodges make him so good.

1 – One Tail Naruto

Here we are, at the end of the list. You probably expected him to be here, but if you didn’t know how good this guy is, let me give you the low-down. This Naruto is a short-range bravery beast. With 5 abilities he self heals 200 health per round! His stats are 1108 health and 2410 attack. This man’s normal jutsu gives a 50% attack boost for 9 rounds, and restores 2 chakra. Use this jutsu once everytime your chakra gauge refills 3 times and you’ll have a fully 150% boosted One Tail Naruto. His ultimate ninjutsu is single target with a 10x (12x if the enemy is wisdom) multiplier. On a wisdom unit he can do over 110k damage with that 150% boost! He’s also pretty much a necessity for Ninja Road, especially paired with heart Madara. Paired with ultimate bravery Jiraiya, you have an amazing bravery team that will be accepted into pretty much any EM/Raid.

I hope you enjoyed my guide! It took a few days to write this up, and if you have any suggestions make sure to leave them in the Disqus comments box! -Kami

  • sans namikaze

    This list is pretty good! I have almost most of them so I can form a good low cost jutsu team
    Can you please do a list of 28 cost characters

  • Ethan Webster

    Karins attack and defense are reversed

    • Ethan Webster


  • Kitorinkz

    Nagato should definetely be here! He does 7K damage with 3 chakra and like 18K for ultimate which is only 6 chakra. Probably one of the best phantom castle and PvP units in the game.