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Hello friends and welcome to the Naruto Blazing Kyuubi Raid S-Rank guide. Before you read the guide watch the video above. I’m going to be giving a run down of every aspect of the video so you can always come back to this for better reference.

Team Preparations


First thing to know before attempting the Kyuubi raid is the team set up. This guide is based around having at least 1 Minato in your party whether it’s owned or a friend.

The team in the picture above and used in the video is a good set up for you to follow. Though realistically you could use any party you want but I suggest keeping Minato part of it.

The party shown in the video is built by following the preface which are guide lines that are good to follow.

  • Short-Ranged unit’s can’t reach any attack points with normal Attacks.
  • Only Minato’s normal attacks and Ultimate can reach the Forehead
  • Killing the Forehead is a priority
  • At least 1 Minato
  • A unit with Perfect Dodge or Damage Shield
  • Male Anbu spawn with 2 CD and AoE Jutsu Loaded
  • Female Anbu spawn with 3 CD and only does normal attacks.

These bullet points are a must know when going into the raid. Having a team of nothing but Short-Ranged characters is going to absolutely cripple you. So following the team guideline above is a good start.

Also having the unit with Perfect Dodge or Damage shield is highly important. Makes it for easier longevity during the raid and easier to survive it.

Once you have your team built and all the preparations you need you can begin the raid. Like any mission it each fight comes in waves and each one will be handled differently.


Stage 1


Wave 1

In the first wave you’re encounter is 2 Male and 2 Female Anbu. The main strategy for this wave is to clear it so that your AoE character can attack first on the next wave.

It’s a basic cut and dry start and shouldn’t be to much trouble to get through. If you end up with your AoE not being first to attack at the start of wave 2 then Stall or Heal if needed until their turn.


Wave 2


Wave 2 starts after 3 turns have passed in the match. 2 more Female Anbu show up so at this point have your AoE character ready to clear the field.


Wave 3 


Wave 3 begins once you clear the previous wave. When all enemies are defeated 2 more Male Anbu appear. Then after 1 turn passes a Female Anbu joins them.

Just keep going with the same strategy and you should be through the first stage and onto the second.


Stage 2


Wave 1

In the first wave of stage 2 you’re met with the same enemy’s as wave 1. 2 Male and 2 Female Anbu.

The most important thing about this wave is saving the bottom left Male Anbu for the last kill. Killing him last makes the next wave spawn at the same time.

Fail to do so and the next wave will spawn one at a time making it far more difficult.


Wave 2

For this wave pretty much follow the same strategy you did for Wave 1. Heal and Stall between waves if you need to regain some health and make sure your AoE characters are next to strike when a new wave forms.


Waves 3 and 4

Waves 3 and 4 trigger when you clear the previous wave before them. Nothing really changes between these two waves compared to Wave 2. Each wave sends 4 Anbu at you, male and female. So just keep up with the same strategy.


Wave 4.5


Once you hit this wave you need to slow things down and take a second. This 4.5 wave triggers once 3 turns pass during wave 4. Only 1 Female Anbu appears and you want to refrain from killing her immediately.

The next stage is going to be the boss so you want to Stall and Heal until you’re back at full health. Once you are you need to make sure it’s set up so when the next stage starts, Minato is the very first character to act.


Stage 3


When stage 3 starts you’re met by the big guy himself, the nine tailed fox. The first thing you want to do is have Minato focus on attacking the forehead.

You need to kill the forehead first. That is your top priority over everything. The Kyuubi has different sections you have to destroy and two different attacks he throws at you

  • Main body – 125,000 HP 2 Initial CD, then 1- 4
  • Forehead – 33,000 HP 6 Initial CD > 5 >  4
  • Hand – 60,000 HP 2 Initial CD


  • Nasty Nail – 546 damage from the main body, 560 Damage from the head
  • Tailed Beast Bomb – 3120 Damage from Main Body, 3276 Damage from the Forehead

Now the reason you need to kill the Forehead first is because it always uses the Tailed Beast Bomb. It’s the only move it’s going to use.

The main body uses TBB every second attack so having to deal with an endless rain of it is going to wipe you out quickly. So I can’t stress it enough, defeat the forehead first.

Once you’ve dealt with the forehead bring your healers out and Stall until you get your health back up to full. Then switch back to Minato and two other characters and continue the barrage.

It’s a lengthy process and you’re going to be jumping between attacks and heals for quite a few rounds. You will be stalling a lot in this fight but its all for the sake of surviving.

Keep up with this strategy and eventually the Kyuubi will go down and you’ll be victorious. When you win you’ll be welcomed to a high sense of self worth, satisfaction, and if you’re lucky some good drops.