Welcome to the Naruto Ultimate Blazing Ninja Multiplayer guide. In this guide we will cover  how the basics of multiplayer works, how to earn Ninja Pearls from multiplayer, picking your allies, Ramen report and the dos and don’ts of playing with other players.

How it Works

There are two methods of multiplayer available. You can choose to “gather friends”, gathering friends is what you use when you want to start a room and either make it private / password locked or to be an open room which will allow anyone searching for games to join your mission. If someone wants to join your room and they have the ID number they have to go through Join this mission in multiplayer.

Earning Ninja Pearls with Multiplayer

One of the benefits from playing multiplayer is you will earn a first time new player bonus. This bonus applies to up to 100 different new players. The first 10 new player bonuses, each will reward you with 2 pearls per new player. The remaining new player bonus will be only 1 Ninja Pearl per person. The best way to earn with this method is to click the join multiplayer button and go to the lowest stages available. Anything from the first chapter will be fast, and will allow you and your team to one shot all of the mobs and not waste any time. This is a great way to earn pearls so you can do the multi summons.

Choosing Your Allies

When you do story missions you get to pick the friend that will join you, typically this will be the highest rated character possible. When it comes to multiplayer this doesn’t matter when you’re farming for pearls as mentioned above however if you are going to use multiplayer to play some of the harder Emergency Missions. You want to makes sure you’re grouping with other players that are near max level at either 5 or 6 star ratings. This is really important for difficult missions, as they take a lot of your stamina and require a bit of time to complete and you don’t want to waste a pearl to finish them.

Ramen Report Multiplayer

Ramen Report multiplayer missions are a great way to farm the Ramen cup which give a nice amount of experience depending on their rarity level. Each of the missions rate from C to A. A being the hardest difficulty missions. You can do C rank missions solo. B Rank missions you can do if you have a strong team of 5 stars or you use multiplayer. A rank missions are really difficult and this is when you will want a max rated group with you. Just make sure you don’t get your team killed by grouping up.

Do’s and Don’t


  • Bring your highest rated and strongest characters when you come into multiplayer.
  • Consider bringing a healer as a sub unit for difficult missions.
  • Pay attention while you’re playing in multiplayer, its turn based and no one wants to wait on you.
  • Use your Jutsu as soon as possible on a boss fight.
  • Try connecting to your Wifi to have a strong internet connection so you won’t disconnect
  • For advanced players, you want to bring high luck characters to increase bonus item drop rate


  • Bring in low ranked characters, no one wants to attempt to carry your weight
  • Bring in the wrong elemental types for difficult boss fights
  • Talk to other people, text or not pay attention to the game
  • Sit in a lobby and kick players out waiting for stronger teams to carry you