In the game Naruto Blazing, you can get very good low cost free to play and bronze summon utility units. Many 2★, 3★, 4★ and 5★s that cannot be awakened are considered low tier, which most of them may be, but for this article I will be discussing the best 8 utility characters in this rarity range, how to utilize them, their strengths, and what game modes they’re best in. This is a non-ranked list.

  • 3★ Oboro – Warrior of the Trinity

Oboro is used widely for body only objectives on skill raids. His stats are 234 attack and 468 health. These are bad stats, but once again, it’s the utility that counts. His jutsu costs 4 chakra, and it grants 3 perfect dodges for 3 rounds. You do not want this man on the field attacking.


Oboro is used for the skill Haku S rank objective. A popular team is:

Body Hashirama Body Oboro Body Hashirama
Body Rin Body Oboro Body Kisame

You may be wondering, “what does Oboro do?”. My answer is he provides the perfect dodges. This allows you to stall to build up health and chakra while the two Oboros alternate place and stay with the person in question. Once again, he may be at the top of the list but this list is non-ranked. You can farm him on stage 5-2.

  • 3★ Izumo Kamizuki – The Calm Proctor

This guy right here is sort of a glass cannon. You’ll find him on most Ninja World Clash teams because of his sheer speed. His health is 341 and his attack is 169. Just like every other 3★, you don’t want him on the field. His jutsu is similar to Oboro, it costs 4 chakra and he grants 3 perfect dodges for 3 turns.

-Ninja World Clash-

This man was/is to be found on almost every Ninja World Clash team. Popularized by KabukiSage on YouTube, his speed is a crazy 336 (faster than most 6★ units), but the obvious trade-off is his horrible stats. His speed was not affected by the recent patch. It’s really up to you if you want to replace him for a meatshield such as Rin, or a higher speed unit like body Haku, who has a speed stat of 337. The way you working utilize him is you would put him as the leader of the team, then when you get that first move advantage you can use the character behind him (if the character is 4/8).

  • 4★ Sakura – The Indomitable Maiden

Sakura – The Indomitable Maiden is a free to play wisdom healer. She heals 100 – 160 health to those near her with her field skill, and she restores 300 health when moving maps with one ability. Her jutsu costs 4 chakra and grants 3 perfect dodges for 3 rounds. Her attack stat is 343 and her health stat is 555. You can enhance this stat with pills just like all other characters and give her that +100 health. You could put two of these Sakuras in the back row and have them heal each other while stalling on a wisdom only objective if you don’t have 6★ wisdom Karin or 6★ wisdom Sakura. In addition to the extremely low cost and nice healing, she has perfect dodges from the  aforementioned jutsu. You could have her stalling on a wisdom only objective with her perfect dodges enabled, in the same format as Oboro. You can grind her on stage 4-7.

  • 5★ Hinata – Proof of Resolution

One of my favourite Hinatas, she acts as a better Sakura from the previous article. She is technically not free to play, but as long as you summon on any banner, you will eventually pull her 4★ or 5★. Her stats are 1176 (1518 max Limit Break) health and 1132 (1450 max Limit Break) attack. Unlike the others, she has great stats for a 5★ character. Her field skill heals 120 – 170 health to those in range, and her jutsu costs 4 chakra and it grants 3 perfect dodges for 3 turns (notice the trend?). She is short range. With 4 abilities, she has a 10% chance to dodge an attack.

-EMs and Raids-

She is extremely useful for under 28 cost objectives because of her perfect dodges and field healing, and she doesn’t even need dupes to be u28. Put two in the back behind your u28 6★ units, and then you’ll have decent healing (over 300 health per turn) while you stall for chakra or health. A wonderful u28 unit that I would call a pseudo-6★.

  • 5★ Sakura – Dancing Cherry Blossoms

This unit is probably one of the best on this list in my humble opinion. The reason being that she is 100% free to play, the easiest to obtain on this list. You get her from the beginner trials when you start the game. Make sure you have 3 with max abilities and max lvl before finishing the trials or you will regret it (I know from experience). No effort required to obtain her. Her stats are 906 health and 896 attack. Her jutsu breaks the perfect dodge trend and heals 1700 (1900 with two abilities) and her field skill heals 110 – 160 health to those in range. Her buddy skill heals 120 health.


Viable for almost any raid for being the best free to play healer, you can bring her as a substitute for Rin by doing this (for body only objectives):

Body Hashirama Body Killer Bee/Tenten Body Tenten/Killer Bee
Body Sakura Body Sakura Body Sakura/Rin

That’s just a recommendation that should work for almost any EM body only objective if you’re SMART about it. This Sakura is so great because she’s also u28, has a 4 cost jutsu and is one of the only two body healers.

  • 2★ Leaf Anbu Female – Masked Ways

This woman is a sort of underrated unit that could arguably be easily replaced by the likes of Shizune, but the difference is that one of them is obtained from summoning, which means pearls. As I said earlier, it is easy to get those units because they are fodder, but let’s focus on the free to play unit. She has a health stat of 228 (328 with one ability) and 236 attack. I would recommend feeding her health pills. Her jutsu costs 3 chakra and heals 780 health for one person in range, and her field skill heals 100 health to those in range. With 2 abilities, she heals 300 health when switching maps. You can farm her on map 1-3 on hard mode.


You could easily put her on your heart team and your u28 team. Your heart team may not have a high enough maximum cost to hold five 6★s, so you can have two 6★s in the front row and three of these girls(and/or Shizune). For u28, we’ve discussed other candidates, so this one might be the best for filling up a heart team for her ★ rarity.

  • 4★ Shizune – Tsunade’s Attendant

The forenamed Shizune. This unit is definitely nice to receive (especially if you have her ultimate like I do) when you pull a multi summon and get some Shizunes. It just means you have more of this magnificent healer. As long as you have 2 or more Shizunes, you’re good. Her health stat is 725 and she has 438 attack. The woman’s jutsu costs 3 chakra and heals 925 health to one ally in range. Her field skill heals 110 – 160 health to those in range. With 3 abilities, she restores 300 health when moving to a new map. Definitely should be on your heart team if you can’t fit five 6★s on your team, put in the back row (just like the Female Leaf Anbu). The reason I put both Shizune and Female Leaf Anbu on one list is because they are both 3 chakra cost heart u28 healers, but one of them is free to play.


Wonderful for heart only objectives, since she provides healing and has a 3 chakra cost. She’s also amazing for u28 teams. You could make something like this for heart:

Heart Kabuto Heart Yugito Madara
Heart Shizune Heart Shizune Heart Deidars (EM)

And something like this for u28:

Bravery Sage Naruto/other u28 6★ Wisdom Sage Naruto Bravery Sage Naruto
Heart Shizune Bravery Hinata/Heart Shizune Heart Shizune/Bod Sakura

I hope you enjoyed my latest guide! This was really fun for me to make, and I also hope it helps you. I will always put my best effort in everything I make for the community c: