Hello and welcome to the Ultimate Ninja Blazing X limit breaking guide! In this guide I will be showing you what exactly limit breaking does, which characters can be limit broken, how to limit break these characters with the specific materials they need and also where to find them.

What is Limit Breaking?

In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing there are a certain amount of characters who, upon hitting the maximum level cap for their rarity tier (level 70 for a 5 star unit or level 100 for a  6 star unit) are able to use specific materials in order to raise that characters maximum level.

  • Certain 5 star units at level 70 are able to limit break a total of 6 times, raising their maximum level by 5 per limit break until they reach a maximum level of 100.
  • Certain 6 star units at level 100 are able to limit break a total of 10 times, again raising their maximum level by 5 per limit break until they reach their maximum level of 150.

Which Characters can Limit Break?

Not all characters can limit break, but any character that doesn’t have a “MAX” level text but either a “70” or “100” text when you max out their regular levels means they can be limit breaked.

Here are some example 6 star units can have their maximum level raised from 100 to 150:

Naruto Uzumaki – No.1 Maverick

Sasuke Uchiha – Lone Survivor

Kakashi Hatake – Copier of 1K Techniques


Here are some top quality 5 star units (you should limit break) can have their maximum level raised from 70 to 100:

Tayuya – Aggressive Strategist

Rock Lee – Never Gives Up

Kidomaru – Hard Spider Thread

What Materials are needed to Limit Break?

In this game there are many different materials that are used in order to limit break your characters, with the difficulty curve of the obtainability of these materials generally rising the higher you want to limit break a character.

I’ll go over the missions you will need to go on in order to get these materials in the next section, but for now let’s take a look at the materials you will need in order to limit break.

Firstly there are type specific crystals like the one shown in the picture above, which is a 4 star heart type crystal. These cannot be awakened to 5 star.

Next, there are character specific type crystals that can only be used when awakening the character that is shown on the crystal (eg: The character crystal below can only be used when awakening Sasuke Uchiha – Lone Survivor).

These character specific type crystals can be awakened into ‘awakened’ character specific type crystals, but the first time you will need to use one of these is when you are awakening a 6 star character from level 125 -130. The awakening materials required to awaken these character specific crystals are:

  • 1 x 4 star scroll
  • 1 x 3 star scroll
  • 4 x character specific crystals, using 3 of them as material and upgrading one as a base.

An example of what an awakened character specific crystal looks like is shown below:

Lastly, there you will need both 3 star and 4 star scrolls that correspond with the type of the character you are going to awaken, regardless if it is a 5 star or 6 star. For example,

  • Heart characters – heart scrolls (red)
  • Skill characters – skill scrolls (green)
  • Body characters –  body scrolls (blue)
  • Bravery characters – bravery scrolls (yellow)
  • Wisdom characters – wisdom scrolls (purple)

Where to Find These Materials

Firstly, in order to get the 3 star and 4 star scrolls, you have to do the corresponding scroll mission, for example ‘Searching for bravery scrolls A’ if you were trying to find bravery 3 star scrolls, as this is where they drop from.

You can grind this mission to get both 2 star and 3 star scrolls, but the only way to get a 4 star scroll is by using 6 x 3 star scrolls (1 for a base and 5 for the materials) to awaken them.

As for type crystals, they drop randomly from either the A or B rank stages from both the Hiruzen Trials and the Jiraiya Trials, which are special limit breaking emergency missions and are on for limited time periods only.

The character specific type crystals can be dropped from the Hiruzen and Jiraiya emergency missions, but A rank only. In addition, it is not guaranteed as to which character specific crystals will drop from the mission you pick, but is completely random.

That said, the Hiruzen trials are different from the Jiraiya trials in the fact that the Hiruzen Trials will only drop character specific crystals for:

  • Naruto – No.1 Maverick
  • Sasuke Uchiha: Lone Survivor
  • Kakashi Hatake: Copier of 1K Techiques
  • Gaara – Sand Defense

The Jiraiya trials on the other hand will drop character specific crystals for:

  • Sakura Haruno – Hardened Resolve
  • Kakashi Hatake – Hidden Left Eye
  • Haku – A Frozen Heart
  • Zabuza – Silent Madness

The awakened character specific crystals can only be obtained one way – awakening them. I already went over how to awaken the character specific crystals, but in case you forgot:

  • 1 x 4 star scroll
  • 1 x 3 star scroll
  • 4 x character specific crystals, using 3 of them as material and upgrading one as a base.

How to Limit Break

Once you’ve gathered the materials you need, limit breaking is pretty easy. All you have to do is click the ‘teams’ button on the bottom of the menu, and then press ‘limit break’ as shown below:

From there, you need only to select which character you want to limit break, and can then either limit break them if you have the required materials or see which materials you need to gather to limit break them.

Please note for newer players that if, when on the limit break screen shown above, there is a material that is missing or not shown, it means that you have not yet had that material in your inventory before, and have to get it as a drop from a mission first.

And that’s limit breaking! Please note that the drop rate for the Hiruzen and Jiraiya trials, like all of the other missions, is based upon the luck stat of the captain of your team (the top leftmost character), so try to have a character with high luck in that slot!

Limit breaking is not easy and can often take a lot of farming/grinding, but it is completely worth it (and satisfying!) when a character who was previously underwhelming makes a comeback with heavy hitting increased stats!

Good luck limit breaking!

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