These Leaks come from a Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing community member @NordaxBlazing

  • “Sage Mode Hashirama: Bravery Unrivaled” will be joining the Blazing Fest at 5 stars!
  • As shown in our most recent scan, there’ll be a login bonus campaign for a new Sage Mode Naruto unit.
  • Ninja Pearls will have a special sale for the one year anniversary of the game, so stock up!
  • Granny Cat will have new items in her limited shop. The most recent scan reveals that this includes Sage Mode Naruto and Taka Sasuke!
  • A special 3X event will begin! You’ll get 3x EXP from missions, a rise in Huge Success chances, and even more!
  • A “Blazing Battle Campaign” will begin, along with another possible event? The Blazing Battle Campaign more than likely coincides with the release of the “Ninja World Battle Arena”, a mode that lets you PVP in real-time!
  • 3 missions will be returning thanks to the Mega Missions Revival poll that is currently up here, make sure to vote for your choice ASAP!
  • Apparently participating in the events will net you with enough pearls to summon over 30 times! That’s a grand total of at least 200 pearls, with 5 per single summon!

Fuu, the 7 Tails Jinchuriki

Keep in mind this is leaked info that is subjective to being changed by the release date or not released at all.