“Impact! Two Tailed Cat Demon” Coming Soon!

Event Details:
Take part in this Impact Mission with your friends and earn Yugito Ni’i “Unbreakable Will” (★5)! This character can be awakened to ★6!

There are rank S through B missions. The higher the rank, the higher the drop rate for Yugito Ni’i “Unbreakable Will” (★5)!

The powerful Two Tails awaits as boss of this mission! Be careful! With a Heart elemental body and Wisdom elemental tail, it will take coordination to win! Depending on their attack range, some characters won’t be able to attack it! If you take too long, Two Tails will go on a violent rampage!

Event Rewards:
Yugito Ni’i “Unbreakable Will” (★5) ⇒ Can be Awakened to ★6!