“Impact! Origin of Destruction” Now Available!

Get ready to take on the towering Ten Tails as this mission’s Body Elemental boss! Focus on its 5 attack points, but be warned: Jutsu Sealing and Immobilization have no effect! Watch out for his Secret Technique “Cataclysm” which obliterates the entire battlefield! Employ Perfect Dodge to avoid damage, otherwise, prepare for a punishing blow!

Go for an all out assault on its 5 attack points to bring Ten Tails down! Ninjas with Ninjutsu that attack multiple targets in range will help see this battle through to victory!

Event Details:
Take part in this Impact Mission with your friends and earn Obito Uchiha “Faraway Dream” (★5)! This character can be awakened to ★6!

There are rank S through B missions. The higher the rank, the higher the drop rate for Obito Uchiha “Faraway Dream” (★5)!

Plus, you can Limit Break Obito Uchiha “Faraway Dream” (★6) to make him even stronger! Limit Break Crystals for Obito Uchiha “Faraway Dream” (★6) will only drop in the A and S rank missions of this event, and not in the B rank mission.

Event Rewards:
Obito Uchiha “Faraway Dream” (★5) ⇒ Can be Awakened to ★6!