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Get ready! “Impact! A Ferocious Visage” starts now!

Akatsuki’s Kisame Hoshigaki joins the fray! A terrifying foe able to wield his blade Shark Skin and unleash Water Release jutsu with deadly skill!
Fangs glistening, he thrusts head-on into battle with Hidden Leaf’s best ninjas! Get ready for an intense battle with Kisame!

Event Details:
Take part in this Impact Mission with your friends and earn Kisame Hoshigaki “Ruler of the Torrent” (★5)! This character can be awakened to ★6!

There are rank S through B missions. The higher the rank, the higher the drop rate for Kisame Hoshigaki “Ruler of the Torrent” (★5)!

Plus, you can Limit Break Kisame Hoshigaki “Ruler of the Torrent” (★6) to make him even stronger! Limit Break Crystals for Kisame Hoshigaki “Ruler of the Torrent” (★6) will only drop in the A and S rank missions of this event, and not in the B rank mission.

Kisame awaits you as a Body elemental boss! Fall prey to his Ninjutsu and you’ll see your Chakra Gauge reduced and Chakra Recovery sealed! Kisame shakes off any attempts to seal his jutsu, so hit him hard and fast to avoid treading water in a prolonged battle!

Event Rewards:
Kisame Hoshigaki “Ruler of the Torrent” (★5) ⇒ Can be Awakened to ★6!

Beat the Event (No Pearls)

Speed Run