Special thanks to antonlabz for making this wonderful video. I have transcribed his video for those that want to read it.


Boss: Skill

Mobs: Skill

Field Effect: Poison

You can choose to approach this Impact Raid offensively or defensively. I’ll be showing examples of both methods, starting with the aggressive approach.


I’ll be using a 100% F2P(Free to Play) Team for the purpose of making this guide available to as many players as possible, and list key roles for each unit. If you have stronger alternatives….PLEASE use them.

Team Setup

Kabuto Yakushi 

  • Your standard strong single target nuker
  • Kabuto also has chance to immobilize

Yugito Nii

  • Strong AoE Ultimate with very big hitbox
  • Also, has decently strong ATK and Jutsu


  • Large-range AoE Ultimate hitbox capable of killing off mobs


  • Passive healing from Buddy Skill
  • Spammable jutsu for slip damage and a chance of immobilization


  • Just bring your strongest HEART units
  • There are a LOT of mobs on the BOSS stage.. Bring AoE nukers if you wish to deal with them
  • If your stronger HEART nukers are single target, you can choose not to spawn the mobs (more info later)


  • Passive or active healing, It’s up to you

Stage Info

Stage 1

7 Skill mobs

  • 6500 HP
  • Short 370 damage
  • Mid 345 Damage
  • Long 300

Rare Spawn – Hanzo

  • 75,000 HP
  • 350 ATK
  • Long Range
  • Single (1400, Slip Damage)

Standard fodder stage unless Hanzo spawns. You will fight Hanzo as a mini-boss next stage guaranteed. Depending on playstyle, you can either stall or continue. If you’re running a HEART team, it is more efficient NOT to stall here.

Stage 2


  • 75,000 HP
  • 350 ATK
  • Long Range
  • Single (1400, Slip Damage)

5 Skill Mobs

If you stalled the last stage, use your ultimate to kill off Hanzo and leave 1 mob alive. If you didn’t, proceed to kill them with normal attacks, and use a few jutsu to speed it up. Stall and heal up before proceeding.

Stage 3

Field Effect: Poison (300 Damage)

5 Skill Mobs


  • 165,000 HP
  • 400 ATK
  • Long Range

DANGER – Single Target

  • 800 Damage
  • Chance of Slip Damage
  • Leaves a field hazard for 4 turns that deals 500 fixed damage

SECRET – Single Target

  • 1600 Damage
  • Chance of Slip Damage

If you kill the top-right mob, 9 Skill Mobs will start spawning and replace whoever you kill.

There are 2 ways that you can do this:

  • Kill both waves of Mobs so that you don’t have to deal with them
  • Leave the top-right one alive so the 2nd wave doesn’t spawn

I made Deidara go first because his Ultimate can hit everyone in the first wave. Both Yugito’s unleashed on the 2nd wave.

I also got lucky getting Kabuto’s immobilize off. His DANGER is much more deadly because of his field hazard it leaves behind. If he’s about to use it, move 2 units away.

Do NOT get stuck in any poison areas. They will get you killed faster than you think.

Now the more defensive approach

It’s pretty simple

  • Use Ultimates
  • Isolate Hanzo while the other 2 heal
  • Avoid poison areas
  • Jutsu when up