Special thanks to antonlabz for making this wonderful video. I have transcribed his video for those that want to read it.


Hello friends and welcome to the Naruto Blazing Gamabunta [Jiraiya] S-Rank Raid guide. Before you read the guide watch the video above. I’m going to be giving a run down of every aspect of the video so you can always come back to this for better reference.

Team Setup

First thing to focus on before the raid is the team setup. There is no specific team you have to use this is just going to be a guide line to lend a hand.

The team in the picture above is used in the video and is a great team layout to follow. If you don’t have the characters used in this team that’s fine you can use any team you want to this is just to help give an idea of what works.

Each character serves a purpose in this raid and the team itself is built to stack slip damage on the raid boss.Below will be a list of each character and what they bring to the team setup.


  • Strong WIS Unit
  • Strong single-target ult w/ heal
  • Doesn’t need to be max level


  • BRV Reduction
  • AoE Jutsu
  • Strong single-target ult


  • Great for his own raid
  • 100% Slip damage + 70% immobilize on Jutsu if all abilities are activated
  • Jutsu is also large range, so it can also immobilize Head + Main body at the same time
  • Strong single-target ult


  • Field heal (Both)
  • Dodge Jutsu (Hinata)
  • Slip damage jutsu (Sakura)
  • Buddy Heal (Both)


Stage 1

Mob Statistics

-7500 Health

2 CD Mob

300 Damage

Long Range

3 CD Mob

380 Damage

Mid Range

*Will never use jutsu


Wave 1

The first wave of the stage sends 4 enemies after you. Nothing special about them just take them out as fast as you can.

Wave 2

Wave two triggers when 3 turns pass. At that time 2 more enemies join the fray.

Just like before there’s nothing special about these enemies.

Wave 3 and 3.5

Wave 3 triggers once you complete the previous waves. At this time 2 more enemies show up.

After one turn passes 1 more enemy joins them. They really aren’t much of a threat just be sure to stall so you can heal before proceeding to the next stage.


Stage 2


If you kill the bottom left enemy at any time but last, the next wave will start spawning individually so kill it last.

Be sure to stall for Ultimate’s on the 2nd wave.

When Jiraiya spawns, burst him down as fast as you can.

Leave 1 enemy alive to stall on


Wave 1

The first wave starts off similar like the last stage. Four enemies are thrown at you and can be easily taken down.

Wave 2

Wave 2 begins immediately after the last wave finishes. As long as you didn’t kill the bottom left enemy until last, 4 more enemies should show up all at once. Make sure you stall here for your ultimate’s.

Wave 3 and 3.5

After clearing the previous wave 4 more enemies show up. Again, as long as you waited to kill the bottom left enemy until last they should all show up together.

However, after 3 turns pass Jiraiya appears. As stated above you need to burst him down as fast as possible.

Leave one enemy aside from Jiraya alive for you to stall on to regain health. And make sure you start stage 3 to where it’s your third columns turn (where the friend is) so you can move the bottom two units out of the way to dodge Water Bullet.


Stage 3

Gamabunta Statistics

“Toad Slash”

  • Full map attack, different damage depending on part

“Water Bullet”

  • 728 damage
  • Either hits top or bottom half, random attack pattern.

Main body

  • -130,000 HP
  • 624 damage (Toad Slash)


  • HP Unknown (Too high)
  • Uses Water Bullet


  • HP Unknown (Too high)
  • 528 Damage (Toad Slash.


Boss Wave

Do not bother with the head or hands. That is the first and most important thing. Trying to kill either is just a waste of time and resources.

Throw everything you have at the Main Body.

If you started the stage with the 3rd unit, you’ll be able to move both him and the middle unit out of the way of the first Water Bullet.

(If you have Zabuza don’t use his ult until you actually need to heal)

The best strategy here really depends on what team you have. If you’re using the team example from the above video then your best bet is to stack slip damage.

Keep WIS units in the back row unless attacking. And keep your healers ready to act when ever they can

Because of the random attack of Water Bullet it’s good to bunch the top of the field with heals. Aside from that just focus all your attacks on the main body and don’t let up until it goes down.

For those that want more video content, be sure to check out anton’s YouTube channel.