Hello and welcome to the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing X food pill farming guide! In this guide I will be giving you a run down on what exactly food pills are, what they do and also the best missions you can farm them for maximum efficiency.

What Are Food Pills?

In Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing, there are items that may drop from story missions called food pills. Food pills are items that can be fed to your units to give them a permanent stat boost in either HP or attack.

There are 2 different types of food pill bottles in the game, purple type which raises the attack stat of a unit and yellow type which raises the HP of a unit.

There are also different rarity types of food pill bottles which have different stat boosts. There are 2 star and 3 star rarity versions of the yellow and purple type food pills.

The 2 star version of the yellow bottle will give a unit 5 extra HP, while the 3 star yellow bottle grants 10 extra HP. As for the purple food pill bottles, the 2 star rarity version will give a unit 2 extra attack, while the 3 star purple pill bottle will give 4 extra attack.

The reason as to why I say ‘extra’ attack and HP is due to the fact that these additional stats are not combined with the raw stats of the unit you feed the pills, but are instead shown in the form of (+No. of additional stats).

In the example below, we can see a Rock Lee unit which has been fed the maximum amount of food pills and has (+300) in HP and (+100) in attack.

Maximum Stat Boosts Depending On Rarity

The amount of maximum food pills that you can enhance your units with and increase their stats depends on the rarity of the unit you are using the pills on. As you can see in the example, Rock Lee has (+300) HP and (+100) attack. This is because he is a 6 star unit, and that is the maximum pills you can feed him.

  • 1 star units can receive (+30) HP and (+15) attack maximum.
  • 2 star units can receive (+40) HP and (+15) attack maximum.
  • 3 star units can receive (+50) HP and (+25) attack maximum.
  • 4 star units can receive (+100) HP and (+50) attack maximum.
  • 5 star units can receive (+200) HP and (+75) attack maximum.
  • 6 star units can receive (+300) HP and (+100) attack Maximum.

Using Pills Efficiently

As we can see from this picture, feeding one 3 star purple food pill bottle to a max level 6 star unit can cost 10,000 ryo. This is a very inefficient way of feeding your units food pills, so I will show you a way that will save you a lot of ryo.

When you feed a unit pill bottles, the extra stats they receive can actually be transferred over if those units are fed to another unit. For example, if you fed a 1 star unit a 3 star purple pill bottle, he would get (+4) extra in attack. You can then feed that 1 star unit to a six star unit and he would receive that same (+4 in attack).

HP boosting yellow food pill bottles should be given to 3 star units, as they have a cap of (+50) HP and are relatively easy to get a hold of, either through some story mode missions or through a summoning.

Attack boosting Purple food pill bottles should be given to 2 star units, as the difference between the 2 star and 3 star attack boost cap is only 5, so it’s not worth the extra effort to find a 3 star unit for the extra 5 attack, as 2 star units are incredibly easy to obtain through a friend points summoning or story mode.

Best Location to get Food Pill Bottles

In the story mode, playing through stage 8-7 (A Surprising Helper) is the best mission to play through if you are trying to get strength pill bottles. This mission is useful due to the fact that it only has two drops, the 3 star purple pill bottle and a 2 star level ninja. It also has a stamina cost of 11.

This mission is also useful to farm strength pill bottles due to the fact that it is incredibly easy and can be done on AUTO at 2x speed to save time, if you have strong enough units of course, but if you are that far in the story mode it is very likely that you have characters that can handle it.

In addition to being already and easy mission, the boss of the stage does not even have a jutsu that he can use against you, so there’s no worry of being caught off guard when the boss appears.

As for yellow HP food pill bottles, your best bet is stage 7-8 (A Shell of Sand). It is far easier than stage 8-7, so it can easily be done on AUTO at 2x speed. It costs the same amount of stamina at 8-7, at 11 stamina.

And that’s it! Everything you need to know about food pill farming. Do bear in mind that the drop rate of the food pills will vary based on how high the luck stat of your captain character (The character in the top leftmost slot in your team) is. If you want to increase their luck stat, obtain duplicate units and feed them to one of them and his luck will rise.

Enjoy farming for food pills!

  • Afro kuma

    hello what is the best spot to farm the str + hp pills in the 2 new chapters

    • Rick Smiley

      10-3 hard for health 3 possible. 9-6 normal for strength pills, from my experience. Easy to turn on 2x speed and auto and forget.

      • Kakascii

        hey thanks for the info 🙂

        do you know what type those levels are ? is it better to do them in normal of hard ?