Hello friends! Welcome to the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Energizing Ramen Cup A Rank Mission guide. Quite a mouthful I know.  In this guide I will be giving a run down of the Energizing Ramen cup. I’ll be going over all mobs that spawn in all 3 rounds of the match. And be giving examples of good characters to form a team out of for the mission.


Ramen Cup – Body Element


The first thing to think about when doing the A rank in the energizing cup is the element. The Energizing cup has all Body elements which means you want a team of Skill elements to handle it.

It is possible to go through the A rank with other elements, even Heart. But it is extremely difficult and may cost you a few Ninja Pearls to restart if you lose.

The A rank being the hardest level to grind on means you’ll have to put more thought into your team then you would for something like story mode. You need to know which characters you’re going to utilize and possibly put thought into getting a healer.


Team building – Skill



This section is going to focus on some good Skill type characters to use for the A Rank cup. I’m going to go over the main 3 characters that will be helpful in the cup.

Our first one is going to be Kabuto Yakushi “Surprising Regeneration”. A Skill type Kabuto that is a healer is the first thing you want to aim for in your team.

His ability to heal is the main selling point of this character plus he adds a nice stack of HP to the mix. Its best to keep him out at all times and if needed to attack get him in a place where he won’t be easily mobbed.

Our second choice of character is Sasuke Uchiha “Lone Survivor”. Sasuke is a good five star Skill character to have in pretty much all areas.

He has a good health pool to add to add overall, his attack is something to be proud of to. The major appeal for him in this cup though is his Fireball jutsu.

The AoE(Area of Effect) is really helpful in this cup due to how easy it is to gather all the mobs into one spot. Sasuke’s main focus is going to be attack and getting Ultra Combo’s with the rest of your team finishing with his jutsu.

Our last choice for skill character is Naruto Uzumaki “Nine tails power-up”. This last choice can honestly be swapped out with any other Skill character but I personally like having this one in my team.

Naruto brings a nice chunk of HP and his attack isn’t to bad. What helps is his Buddy skill and Jutsu which brings the team together nicely.

His buddy skill boosts critical rate by 2%, not much but when it happens it definitely counts. And his Summoning Gamabunta jutsu is another good AoE attack.

For the rest of the team you can fill it up with any other five star Skill characters you have it’ll even it out pretty well.


Team Setup – Mixed



This section is going to focus on other characters aside from Skilled. Not everyone has a Skill type characters or at least any good ones.

Maybe you’re like me and almost all of your characters are all Heart. That can make the Energizing A Rank a real monster to handle. So here are some suggestions for a mixed team setup.

Starting again is going to be Skill Kabuto or another healer. It really doesn’t matter which one but having a healer in the A rank cup is a literal life saver.

You want someone who can keep you alive while you’re pushing your way through the mobs. Just keep them as far back as possible and only let them attack when they really need to.

Next up is Neji Hyuga “An Unchangeable Destiny”. Neji is a Wisdom type so there’s no immediate type threat though his health can sometimes be an issue.

The appeal of Neji for the A rank is his Field Skill. It reduces all enemies chances to counter by 10%-20% which is a massive help when dealing with mobs. His attack isn’t to bad either.

Now our last one, and this one can be questionable but I stand by it 100%. Naruto Uzumaki “N0. 1 Maverick”.

I know the first thought is why throw a Heart type against a bunch of Body types, the type advantage is murder. Yes that is very true but with Naruto the type advantage is worth it.

He hits hard and his jutsu hits harder but the best thing about him ar ehis field and buddy skill. Field boosting attack by 75-150 where Buddy skill boosts it by 95.

The attack boosts are extremely helpful and paired with a healer will make the A rank much easier to manage. As for the other three slots stay away from hearts and fill it up with attackers or a second healer is always nice.


Energizing cup – Rounds and Mobs


In the energizing cup there are 3 rounds to go through. In each round there are about 2-3 waves of enemies that appear.

Most times they’ll come three at a time in each wave but in some cases it’ll just be one or two after a set of three. And in the final round you face the boss after two waves of mobs.

The type of enemies you face are all Body types and they range between two specific character types. Anbu ninja, Leaf ninja, and Inuzuka ninja(the ones that can use fang over fang).

The main ninjas you fight really aren’t that difficult. The worst thing you have to worry about is being mobbed by all three at one but if you stay spread out that makes it more difficult.

Your main problem here is going to be the Inuzuka ninja, both the normal one in round two and the boss in round 3. Almost every time it attacks it uses Fang over Fang and that hits like a truck.

So when facing the Inuzuka ninja try to spread your team out best you can so its forced to only hit one instead of all three. Do that and you can pretty much chip down the Inuzuka boss with no problem.