Special thanks to antonlabz for making this wonderful video. I have transcribed his video for those that want to read it.


Hello friends and welcome to the Naruto Blazing Danzo Impact Raid (S Rank) Guide. Before you read the guide watch the video above. I’m going to be giving a run down of every aspect of the video so you can always come back to this for better reference.


The whole stage is Bravery. Long range units can attack outside of Danzo’s counter attack range.

Danzo is highly resistant to Jutsu Sealing and Immobilization. There are no field effects. He ignores substitution(Not perfect dodge).

Usual Disclaimers This guide will be focused around F2P units and approaches. It is up to you to recognize whether you have stronger alternatives.

Team Setup


You MUST have a nuker that can deal at least 25,000 damage against Bravery enemies.

  • Nuker is preferable to be a Wisdom unit
  • Slip Damage is very good here but you must be careful
  • Some AoE for Mobs


  • Long range Wisdom unit with high attack
  • High damage output on Ultimate Jutsu
  • Push and Pull if needed
  • Damage Reducing Buddy Skill

Sasuke CM

  • Very high damage output on Ultimate Jutsu
  • Perfect Dodger
  • Damage Reducing Buddy Skill


  • Buddy Heal
  • Long ranged AoE jutsu with Immobilize and guaranteed Slip Damage


Doesn’t really matter who you bring as long as they can heal in some way. A mix of jutsu and passive healing is recommended.


  • Stand low-chakra healer with field healing


Since Danzo ignores substitution, you can bring Perfect Dodge or Barrier instead. If you’re not confident you can nuke him with the required amount of damage, an alternative is to bring an Immobilizer. But remember that he is highly resistant to it so you might need to reset for procs.

A good option is Shikramaru

Stage 1

Leaf Anbu Female x2 – Can heal herself or ally

  • 8000 HP
  • 300 Damage
  • Mid
  • Heal + Attack(25%)

Leaf Anbu Male x4

  • 6000 HP
  • 740 Damage
  • Short
  • AoE(1388, Slip Damage)

Rare Spawn


  • 65,000 HP
  • 360 Damage
  • Mid
  • AoE(1080)
  • If Danzo spawns he will replace one of the females
  • Counter attack deals 180 damage.

You want to kill them and pick off the Males first since their attacks hurt and you not want to get combo’d. Leave 1 of the females alive to stall on her before proceeding to the next stage.

If you encounter Danzo, you can either choose to leave him last or try to kill him and leave 1 Female alive instead. Finish the stage so that your AoE unit goes next.

Stage 2

Leaf Anbu Female

  • 8000 HP
  • 300 Damage
  • Mid
  • Heal + Attack(25%)


  • 65,000 HP
  • 360 Damage
  • Mid
  • AoE(1080)

Similar to stage 1 if you got the Rare Spawn, you can either stall on Danzo or 1 Anbu. Try to have everything ready as the next stage you will fight the BOSS immediately.

Stage 3 – Boss Stage


  • 124,500 HP
  • 450
  • Mid
  • Counters for 220 damage
  • High resistant to Jutsu Sealing/Immobilize
  • Ignores Substitution
  • When he is under 50% HP, he will use Izanagi
  • He will no longer use Izanagi under 30% HP
  • When he is under 20% HP, he will use Reverse Tetragram Sealing

Wind Correction

  • AoE, 1350 Damage
  • Semi-Circle Hitbox

Izanagi (<50%-30% HP)

  • Fully Restores his HP
  • Grants Perfect Dodge, Substitution, and ATK Boost (50%) for 9 turns

Reverse Tetragram Sealing (<20% HP)

  • AoE, 1940 Damage

If you can’t get past Izanagi you will be stuck in an infinite loop. 20% of his HP is 24,900 which is why I recommended to bring a Nuker that can do 25K damage against Wisdom.

To prevent him using Izanagi, You must not let him attack while his HP is between 50% and 30%.

Slip damage is a great way to bring his HP down fast, but be SUPER careful because if it takes him below 50% he will use Izanagi immediately.

If you Immobilize him and he hits <50% HP he won’t use Izanagi, but I don’t recommend this method since he’s almost immune to it. Try to stay at a good amount of HP in case you can’t kill him and he uses Reverse Tetragram Sealing.