Hit Count: 1
Heaven Kick of Pain
Hit Count: 6
4.2x attack toward 1 enemy(s) in range and knocks them back. Restores 1000 of own health.
Secret Ninjutsu
Forehead Flick
Hit Count: 5
10x attack to 1 enemy(s) within range and knocks them back. 40% chance of immobilization for 2 turn(s).


Tsunade is a mid-range unit with good HP and Attack.

1348 (+ 300) 1152 (+ 100) 10 Medium

Variety of different abilities giving a lot of coverageNo AoE
Heal on Jutsu + damageWould be better if its wisdom hearler since there is already the PvP reward Tsunade healer
Low chakra cost for jutsuStats aren't as good without max limit break
HP regen as field skill

Tsunade is a Bravery unit with a variety of different useful abilities. Her jutsu can hit 7k normal and 10k bonus element. Her ultimate can hit 17k normal and 25k bonus element.

Impact Tsunade, when she was first announced, was a unit that almost everyone was hoping would be heart or wisdom, given the lack of healing in those two elements. As one can imagine, it was quite disappointing when it was revealed that she was bravery, as bravery has plenty of healing already.

However, Tsunade despite her unfortunate element is not a bad unit at all. At level 150, she’s got decent stats for a mid range unit, and has nice f/b skills. Her regular jutsu has decent enough damage output with a 4.2x multiplier, and offers a minor burst heal of 1000 hp

. Her ultimate has a decent 10x multiplier and offers a 40%, 50% chance with abilities, to immobilize for 2 turns. Her abilities aren’t specialized like some characters, but offer a bit of everything—100 self-healing, 100 attack, 10% wisdom damage reduction, 200 hp, and 10% extra immobilization rate. Overall, she’s not a bad unit with decent utility, damage, and a bit of healing, but ultimately, she’s overshadowed by the absolute monsters that inhabit bravery.

Stats / Character Cost

Max RarityElementRangeMax HPMax ATKLuck
RarityCharacter Cost


Field skills provide bonuses when Tsunade is near the range of the character in combat.

RarityTsunade's Field Skill
5Restores 125-175 health.
6Restores 150-200 health.


Buddy skill is applied when Tsunade is paired with the main attacker.

RarityTsunade's Buddy Skill
5Boosts Bravery-elemental attacks by 225.
6Boosts Bravery-elemental attacks by 250.

Sync Skills

Hidden LeafSync with Hidden Leaf - Restores 50/250 health every turn.Sync with Bravery - Boosts attack by 75/375. -


  • Attack Boost
    Boosts attack by 100
  • Immobilization Rate Boost 10
    Boosts rate of immobilization by 10%
  • Self Heal 100
    Restores 100 HP every turn
  • Reduces Wisdom Damage 10%
    Reduces wisdom damage taken 10%
  • Health Boost v2
    Boosts health by 200.


Awaken to 6, costs 28000 ryo