Sasuke is a Mid-range unit with decent HP and great attack.

1468 (+ 300) 2198 (+ 100) 10 Medium
6 AbilitiesNo AoE on Jutsu
Good Attack

Sasuke is a Body unit with great reduction chances to several different ailments. His jutsu hits around 12k normal and 19k bonus element. His ultimate hits around 28k normal and 43k bonus element.

Stats / Character Cost

Max RarityElementRangeMax HPMax ATKLuck
RarityCharacter Cost


Field skills provide bonuses when Sasuke Uchiha is near the range of the character in combat.

RaritySasuke Uchiha's Field Skill
5Reduces damage by 15%-20%.
6Reduces damage by 20%-25%.


Buddy skill is applied when Sasuke Uchiha is paired with the main attacker.

RaritySasuke Uchiha's Buddy Skill
5Boosts attack by 225.
6Boosts attack by 250.

Sync Skills

Hidden LeafSync With Uchiha Clan - 15% chance of dodging a physical attackSync with Hidden Leaf - Restores 100/500 health every turn.Sync with all except Mid Range - Boosts attack by 125/250.


  • Attack Reduction Resistance
    Lowers rate of getting attack weakened by 10% (Not F Skills)
  • Chakra Recovery Sealing Resistance 30%
    Lowers rate of getting chakra recovery sealed by 30%
  • Immobilization Resistance 30%
    Lowers rate of getting immobilized by 30%
  • Jutsu Sealing Resistance 35%
    Lowers rate of getting jutsu sealed by 35%
  • Slip Damage Resistance 35%
    Lowers rate of receiving slip damage by 35%
  • Health Recovery Sealing Resistance 30%
    Lowers rate of getting health recovery sealed by 30%


Awaken to 6, costs 28000 ryo

  • Jonas

    He is actually good. Good damage, good buddy and field skill. But those abilities are so trash! -.-

    • AnotherAnon

      Personally I think of him as Body Hashirama as neither of them are untis with “no-kit” to me. (inb4 “Oh, but, Hashirama gets all these tank abilities!” …Sure, and while he is either being a buddy to someone and/or hiding in the corner of the map with his field healing – …how much of an impact is that kit making?)

      That said though I ended up skipping this banner (I’ll get my copy during the anniversary, I hope) but when I eventually do get him I’m fairly sure he is going sraight to my Body team. Needing only one of him is a plus to me.

      • Overlordzfj

        Good point, you use him to stall, but he has those DMG reduction abilities.

  • sans namikaze

    He should be higher, he´s pretty good

  • Superbi Squalo


  • João Almeida

    he is decent 7.5 any higher than that would just be because the lack of good body units

  • Shaq Chinnakrit

    Wtf He should higher , I think he 9.9

    • Jonas

      9.9 too much. I think 9.1

      • KarektR

        Yeah 9.1 is more reasonable than 9.9. 9.9 would put him on the top 10 units

        • Code Gaiass

          lol a 9.9 would make him the best unit


    Meh ill wait for the final valley sasuke

  • Ahmet Mahmut Cerrah

    he definietly 9.1-9.5
    his ultimate is a full map jutsu with 8 effin chakra
    he has great attack

    • Jonas

      I think 9.1 is correct!

  • T.T

    He’s pretty good.The only bad thing about him is his abilties, they’re going to be useless in most situations.

    • Overlordzfj

      Think he was built for the Chino raid, RIP

  • Tsunade Senju

    another trash character. fuck me

    • Jack Z

      Hes actually pretty decent.

    • Nukenin

      U need to ser fim in game, he is a amazing char for body type.

  • Nells Li

    where is the new kiba and pain

  • Grady Leonardus

    how to get him?

    • Overlordzfj

      BF Banner

  • timim1217

    no new update for characters?

  • sans namikaze

    He´s pretty low tbh, I would give him a 9.1 at least

  • Crowsato


  • sans namikaze

    Guys why aren´t you posting any new characters?