Hit Count: 1
Iron Sand Coagulate Attack
Hit Count: 6
5.5x attack toward all enemies in range, 70% chance of slip damage for 7 turn(s).
Secret Ninjutsu
Iron Sand: Unleash
Hit Count: 7
14.5x attack toward all enemies in range, 100% chance of slip damage for 10 turn(s).
NWC Ninjutsu
4.5x attack toward all enemies in range, 80% chance of slip damage for 7 turn(s).
NWC Secret Ninjutsu
16x attack toward all enemies in range, 100% chance of slip damage for 15 turn(s).


Sasori is a Long-range unit with good health and poor attack.

1856 (+ 300) 918 (+ 100) 10 Long

Good damage reduction with abilities upgradedLoses quite a bit of attack stat
AoE Jutsu/UltimateHigher character cost
Good slip damageLow chance to get ultra combo
Good for PvP due to low chakra cost
High HP and Speed for PvP

Sasoris high speed almost matches Gaaras speed (if Sasori has his 3rd dupe unlocked) and his HP makes him a good replacement for Gaara on this game mode.

Sasori´s purpose is not to make high damage with his jutsus, but to damage enemies with slip damage, finish off weakened enemies, tank damage (15% damage reduction), running and support BRV and WIS units with his Buddy and Field Skill´s. His jutsu can make up to 7.5K damage to BRV, HRT, SKL and BOD units, while making 11K damage to WIS enemies; and his ultimate can make up to 26K damage to BRV, HRT, SKL and BOD units, while making 39.8K to WIS enemies.

His Sync Skills are also very useful (depending on who you put him with), because it nullifies Switch Seal (if he syncs with BRV and WIS) and nullifies Chakra Seal (if he syncs with long range). Useful against Sasuke, Hinata and Itachi.

As a conclusion this is a very good support/tank/runner unit for PVP, especially if you want to replace Gaara for someone who can tank a bit more damage and don´t mind having 1 point less than Gaara.

Stats / Character Cost

Max RarityElementRangeMax HPMax ATKLuck
RarityCharacter Cost


Field skills provide bonuses when Sasori (Awakened) is near the range of the character in combat.

RaritySasori (Awakened)'s Field Skill
6Boosts Wisdom attacks by 150-300.


Buddy skill is applied when Sasori (Awakened) is paired with the main attacker.

RaritySasori (Awakened)'s Buddy Skill
6Boosts Bravery attacks by 300.

Sync Skills

AkatsukiSync with Bravery and Wisdom - Nullifies switch sealingSync With Long Range - Nullifies chakra recovery sealing -


  • Reduce Damage
    Reduces damage taken by 5%
  • Reduce Damage 10
    Reduces damage taken by 10%.
  • Speed Boost 30
    Boosts Speed by 30.
  • Extend Turns of Secret Tech. Effect/Ninjtusu Effect
    Extend status effect duration of Ninjutsu/Secret Tech. by 1 Turn
  • Reduce Wisdom Damage 35%
    Reduces Wisdom damage taken by 35%.


Awaken to 6, costs 28000 ryo