Hit Count: 1
Hit Count: 10
6x Attack in Heart damage to 1 enemy and restores 1500 HP.
Secret Ninjutsu
Catastrophic Planetary Devastation
Hit Count: 10
12x Attack in Heart damage to all enemies in range and knocks them back.


Pain is a Short range unit with great health and attack.

2168 (+ 300) 2092 (+ 100) 10 Short

Great damage on jutsu and ultimateLacks utility
Great for PvPHigh character cost
Ultimate jutsu has vast range

Pain is a good Short range unit with seal and immobilization reduction rate. His jutsu can hit around 13k normal and 20k bonus element. His ultimate can hit 27k normal and 41k bonus element.

Review from d1MnZz

#1 – Role and Overview

Pain is an AoE character, who can also be utilized as a Single Target DPS with a small amount of healing instead.

There’s pretty much one reason to care about this character’s addition to the game – damage, his only saving grace. Pain is almost unmatched in this regard for his Element – literally Madara alone stands above him in terms of AoE – and just on raw damage alone no one can deliver more single target damage than he can with two jutsus in a row. Even in the worst case scenario – facing Body – it can be argued with 13k/26k nukes he almost doesn’t care about getting some of that reduced by typing disadvantage. So far so good, right?

Now let’s get into Pain’s issues, starting with the video for his attack and both jutsus provided thanks to antonlab. Pain’s model is reused, the regular jutsu looks like it’s sucking Chakra (which it isn’t) and the secret animation of a farmable character is also being recycled. Great stuff overall, exactly what you expect for a Blazing Fest character. If only there was a technique they could have given him instead, with a cool movie to go along with it.

Sarcasm doesn’t translate over the internet very well, so lets be perfectly clear now to avoid confusion – we started with his damage and jutsus because that’s pretty much it for this version of Pain.

  • His sync skills are cute at best – short range units can’t take advantage of attack boosts as much (lower multipliers) and aren’t good for being front line units (low range gets you killed against mobs) so the active heal is also a bit wasted on him.
  • The field/buddy skills he’s been given are abysmal – for PvE they’re utterly irrelevant and in PvP they’re best case scenario useful for niche team compositions (if you need to protect your front line’s jutsu with a buddy skill).
  • His duplicate abilities made me want to throw up and while that’s an over-exaggeration, I can’t help but think what a wasted opportunity this was to make Pain a minimum top tier unit, at the very least in Heart. He could have had a significant increase in his healing, an active heal, reduced Chakra or – just like for the recent Sannin Orochimaru – an AoE for his regular jutsu as the “final” or “crowning” ability, which would have in a sense “completed” the unit’s kit.

I want to expand on that last point because I already know what some of you are thinking – “but M what about power creep, too OP, pay to win, unfair” – so lets put in the context necessary for you to understand why a Blazing Fest unit shouldn’t be treated like regular banner fodder when it comes to those 3 things (especially duplicates).

  • There are only 16 exclusive units inside the Blazing Fest banner – that means you’re more likely to get them at some point (assuming you mainly pull on them) and also because unlike regular banners they come back.
  • Continuing from that, having poor design choices on a BF unit’s kit won’t just be a problem right now – it’s going to affect us for possibly every Blazing Fest moving forward.
  • Unlike Lee, Itachi, Zabuza and Shukaku, there’s next to no chance that this unit is going anywhere anytime soon (assuming those 4 eventually get removed as they most likely “should” be).

Pain is a great example of a unit you would be fully satisfied with having one of – which is not the case for the previous 15 units in the banner, even Zabuza (the only unranked Blazing Fest unit on my lists) becomes significantly more useful with his duplicates. For the die-hard F2P person – you’ll eventually farm up your Ninja Road Stones or get lucky & pull copies for most of these units (whether you want to or not), generally it’s supposed to be something to look forward to & keeps you excited when pulling a top tier unit you already have, because it usually pushes them even more over the top. Instead, we have nothing but disappointment waiting for us if we ever get any number of copies for Pain.

Moving away from the Banner he was chosen for, lets look at the Element next – while I appreciate the War Sakura-esque attempt to add some healing to Heart – something they desperately need more of – it’s nowhere near enough to be considered relevant in PvE (and taking into account in PvP he’s going to be sitting in the back, it will be worthless there, but more on that later). That’s partially why I went so hard on his duplicates/skills – which could have enhanced it or switched his role‘s focus entirely, but instead it just ends up being a “token” gesture at best. Furthermore, if they were going to make a Path of Pain focused around healing, I can’t help but notice this isn’t the one you should be using – I don’t personally recall watching Yahiko‘s dead pipe-pierced-body running around healing people, but let me know in those comments below if I missed a filler episode or something where he did that.

What we’ve ended up with can be referred to as a “classic move” by Bandai at this point (when it comes to the character’s addition to his respective Element). Just like Bijū Naruto, Deidara and Orochimaru before him, Pain finds himself in an existential nightmare – would anyone really notice or care if he wasn’t there? I don’t think so and for me that’s a problem. I want new units to bring something fresh or at the very least creative to the table and that’s why I find this Blazing Fest unit – can’t stress or repeat this enough – lacking.

#2 – Is Pain a top 20 character for Heart?

I put him at what I assume will be the contentious rank #6 for the Element. Some fun trivia – this makes him the fifth lowest ranked Blazing Fest unit across all my lists, only above Minato, Lee, Shukaku and the unranked Zabuza (who technically doesn’t count since he’s not even in Wisdom’s top 20).

The problem at the core of Pain’s kit – which sounds kind of ridiculous, when referring to a character that’s almost top 5 in their Element – is that he doesn’t solve any problems or – to make a “fairer” statement – certainly doesn’t present any new or attractive solutions. “But he kills stuff” – true and so does everyone else, either better than him (contextually) or while providing significantly more support and/or control to your team.

To earn one of the very top spots on my lists a unit’s kit has to make it a no-brainer for me – like So6P Naruto does in his Element – or at the very least present a very compelling case – like Utakata does, by literally laundering Chakra for breakfast and doing damage with the profits.

As for Pain’s own Element, I think it’s safe to say Madara is currently the second best unit in the entire game, comparing the two of them is borderline hilarious and maybe it “shouldn’t be” – there’s an argument to be made that in theory there would be nothing wrong with giving the undisputed leader of the Uchiha some competition at this point by adding stronger units to Heart – the reality of the current situation remains.

There’s only one unit I want to bring up in terms of relevant comparisons, someone many people will be shocked is ranked directly above Pain.

 #5 Itachi Uchiha ~ Beyond the Sharingan

“Come on, Itachi has to be a worse unit, he’s so old!?” – you would think/expect so, considering how long we’ve waited for the 3rd ever Blazing Fest unit in this Element, but I’m sad to report this isn’t case.

Although winning the raw jutsu damage comparison by a landslide, Pain’s got nothing on Itachi’s range in combination with relatively equal attack/health stats.

  • In the toughest PvE missions I’d personally rather have Itachi’s presence on the field, “just in case” Dodgeand all-around phenomenal Slip than a meager heal & only raw numbers (halved) on a short range unit not hitting much on the field or sitting in the back (while providing a useless buddy skill).
  • When we take this confrontation to PvP instead, Itachi once again comes out on top in my eyes – he can be your front line unit (thanks to his combination of health and speed) as a “discount Haku” & set your team up to win (as a Chakra generator), while Pain is the definition of what I call a “one-and-done” unit, after which he’s going to be sitting pretty & praying the enemy team isn’t running a bunch of Bees or a Hashirama gathering up Chakra to unleash hell with his secret.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a brand new Blazing Fest unit to be better than someone who’s been in the banner from the start, however Itachi holds his own impressively & retains his spot in my eyes.

#3 – What’s his performance like in different game modes?

While I can’t put him among the elite even for his Element, the fact you need just one copy of Pain to be “all set” will probably make him more popular than he “should” be. Still, he can put up a solid performance throughout the game and there isn’t much necessarily wrong with having him on your team for most situations.

PvE – Emergency Missions, Impacts, Ninja Road, Phantom Castle

I placed him in the A Tier for Missions, it’s not like he was built to deal with Body units, but he’s quite good when facing Heart and will face roll Skill units as expected. His realistic role on a team – DPS – is highly contested in the Element but as long as you don’t have the units in my top 5 for their respective list, he will definitely be a welcome addition to your mono team.

Disclaimer: Ninja Road and Phantom Castle won’t be affecting my rankings or PvE Tier, but I’ll talk about them here regardless.

  • Ninja Road – Pretty much your cookie-cutter AoE character, nothing too interesting to write home about. Painwill be a great upgrade for one of your units on the mob clearing team (especially if the next Season benefits from AoE damage as much as the previous one did).
  • Phantom Castle – For 5 Chakra Pain does an almost stupid amount of damage on his regular jutsu, albeit only to a single target. He’s certainly not a top tier pick here, but he can heal some of the damage from WarSakura’s poison and save you from losing your wining streak so that’s… something.

PvP – Ninja World Clash

Adopting the one-and-done / assassin role, Pain is not an exceptional pick-up here.

The things going for him in this arena are his 40k+ health and 20k jutsu damage against a neutral target. What went wrong, however, is his speed – 168 is well below the average and after he comes in & hopefully kills at least one enemy on the second rotation, thanks to needing 5 Chakra per jutsu, he will be more or less done for the rest of the game. Similar characters to Pain from other Elements – Hints Leading to the Truth Sasuke, Sannin Orochimaru and Taka Sasuke. Certainly decent, not mind-blowing by any means.

Depending on the meta i.e. if the place is overrun with Utakata and/or lower health Skill units, I think it’s fine to label Pain as an A Tier unit (as long as he can delete his target), but in the “general scenario” i.e. against everyone else, I think he’s more well-suited for the B Tier.

#4 – Conclusion

Pain is the weakest addition to the Blazing Fest exclusive character list in recent memory, his kit is an abomination and he is almost instantly forgettable. On raw damage alone, he’s going to be on the Heart list for a very long time – as if to remind us you can’t kill a bad idea – but I still hope Bandai choose to tackle the issues within the Element eventually instead of just putting out genericuninspired and, frankly, boring units like this one.

The steps to the Blazing Fest banner are pretty much the same as they usually are, with Pain guaranteed at the end – both literally and figuratively – at the 9th step for a total of 380 Pearls. The other featured characters on the banner are Tsunade, Minato, Obito and Hashirama.

My advice to anyone who’s not interested in burning money Pearls is to skip this one. I’m not very fond of that featured lineup, considering it doesn’t contain even one character ranked #1 for their respective Element.


Feel free to also share your thoughts on this character and his addition to the game.

  • Are you saving up for the leaked Madara/Obito or are you spending some Pearls on Pain?
  • What do you think about the Blazing Fest banners in general, now that it looks like the nerf will be permanent?
  • When do you think we’ll start seeing some of Nagato‘s other Paths of Pain, you know, the ones who actually use the rest of the Rinnegan‘s powers?

Stats / Character Cost

Max RarityElementRangeMax HPMax ATKLuck
RarityCharacter Cost


Field skills provide bonuses when Pain is near the range of the character in combat.

RarityPain's Field Skill
5Reduces chance of being sealed by 25% - 30%
6Reduces chance of being sealed by 30% - 35%


Buddy skill is applied when Pain is paired with the main attacker.

RarityPain's Buddy Skill
5Reduces chance of being sealed by 30%
6Reduces chance of being sealed by 35%

Sync Skills

AkatsukiSync with Heart - Lowers rate of receiving slip damage by 15%Sync with all except Short Range - Boosts attack by 100 (200).Sync with Akatsuki - Restores 75 (375) health every turn.


  • Immobilization Resistance 20
    Lowers rate of immobilization by 20%
  • Jutsu Sealing Resistance 20
    Lowers rate of jutsu sealing by 20%
  • Immobilization Resistance 10
    Lowers rate of immobilization by 10%
  • Jutsu Sealing Resistance 10
    Lowers rate of jutsu sealing by 10%
  • Immobilization Resistance 10
    Lowers rate of immobilization by 10%
  • Jutsu Sealing Resistance 10
    Lowers rate of jutsu sealing by 10%


Awaken to 6, costs 28000 ryo