Minato is a Vast range character with decent HP and strong single target DPS. Lacks AOE but makes up for it by being a generally strong character.

1102 (+ 300) 1500 (+ 100) 10 Vast
Good Jutsu multiplier boostsNo AoE on Jutsu or Ultimate
Chance to reduce chakra consumption on jutsu
High single target DPS with low chakra cost + dodge
Very strong for his Element

Minato is a decent Vast range unit with good jutsu damage and use from his abilities. His jutsu can hit around 6k normal and 9k bonus element. His ultimate can hit 17k normal and 26k bonus element.


Minato: Confronting Karma is Vast range Skill unit with good attack, low health and great abilities. His attack value is 1600 with attack pills and health is 1402. His ninjutsu is single target, but it need 3 bars of chakra ( without ability there are 4 bars of chakra) and hits 9600. Notice that 2 of Minato skills increase jutsu multiplier, so without them Minato does 8000 or 6400 damage. Ninjutsu gives him 3 perfect dodges for 2 turns. His Secret Technique does 20.800 to one enemy (19.200 or 17.600 without abilities ) and gives 5 perfect dodges for 4 turns. Last two abilities give 10% chance to use 0 chakra during Ninjutsu and Secret Technique. His field skill boosts Skill attack by 150 – 300, and his buddy skill reduces Body elemental damage by 20%.

Emergency Missions

Minato is a very popular unit in Emergency Missions because of his characteristics. Vast range, great abilities, that let him reduce chakra gauge to 3 bars, increase damage and give 10% chance to use 0 chakra for Jutsus, this make him very good unit for many EM missions – from easiest like Scrolls, to hardest boss fights. Don’t forget about his perfect dodges – this saved my life many times. Field skill that boosts attacks is very useful on battlefield, Minato is good supporter.

Phantom Castle

Edo Minato is quite good unit, but there are few things that lowered his potential. First of all he isn’t AoE attacker, and he does 9600 damage with abilities, without them it gives 8000 or only 6400 to one enemy. Second thing is very low health, we are easier to kill, his health is a big problem, because it is not small difference – Minato has few hundreds lower health than most characters. But as a compensation, we have a chance to use 0 chakra during Ninjutsu. Anyway, I would say there are more useful units.

Ninja Road

Minato is good unit for this game mode, because of his high damage on Secret Technique and Perfect Dodges after his Jutsus. On Youtube we can find video when some guy completes Ninja Road only using one Minato in team (!). I prefer AoE units in Ninja Road but Minato is one of top single targeted unit for Ninja Road.


Main task of Edo Minato uses his speed at 315 to overtake the enemy. His advantages are also 3 chakra erase and chance to use 0 chakra during Jutsu. Field skill boosts Skill units attack by 300, so this is a perfect situation for Sasori for example who gains a lot from Minato at this point. But we must pay high price for that all, incredibly low health pool, sometimes Minato is one-shooted, we are lucky if we are able to survive two attacks from the enemy. You must predict your turns ahead if you have Minato in your team. Mistakes are unforgiven.


Considering Minato: Confronting Karma we have a lot of advantages and one disadvantage – low health pool. This only one disadvantage makes so many troubles mainly in Phantom Castle and PVP mode. You need to be focused when you use Minato, but if you can take his advantages, and you max his abilities, you have amazing vast range unit with 3 chakra erase.

-By BabaYaga

Stats / Character Cost

Max RarityElementRangeMax HPMax ATKLuck
RarityCharacter Cost


Field skills provide bonuses when Minato Namikaze is near the range of the character in combat.

RarityMinato Namikaze's Field Skill
5Boosts Attack of Skill units by 125 - 175
6Boosts Attack of Skill units by 150 - 300


Buddy skill is applied when Minato Namikaze is paired with the main attacker.

RarityMinato Namikaze's Buddy Skill
5Reduces damage taken by 15%
6Reduces damage taken by 20%

Sync Skills

Hidden LeafSync with Skill - Reduces Heart damage taken by 20%.Sync with Hidden Leaf - Lowers rate of getting jutsu sealed by 15% -


  • Jutsu Multiplier
    Increases damage multiplier of Jutsus by 1
  • Jutsu Chakra Consumption
    10% chance to consume 0 chakra when using Jutsu
  • Ultimate Chakra Consumption
    10% chance to consume 0 chakra when using Ultimate
  • Jutsu Multiplier
    Increases damage multiplier of Jutsus by 1
  • Reduce Chakra
    Reduces Chakra Gauge by 1


Awaken to 6, costs 28000 ryo

  • Chris Bui

    Con – Not Utakata or Tsunade

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      Pro- fucking OP

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    Great Con
    Not Utakata or Tsunade ..

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      Pro- fucking OP…

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    How the fuck is minato supposed to be utakata or tsunade?

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      Pro- fucking OP

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    Correction:Buddy skill is reduces BODY elemental damage by 20%

  • Obito still better

    • KanyeWet

      I disagree

      • Jordan Allen

        I have both of them with max abilities lol don’t get me wrong they are both op af but I just think obito is a little better because he doesn’t need to use ninjutsu to dodge and his ultimate at 12 chakra is so worth it plus he’s a wisdom element which means no damage reduction from any other elements (unless they have the skill)

  • Rich Hummel

    Yeah but if you somehow got his abilities max’d he’s pretty much invincible.

    • Vincent Ebel

      there are acquisition stones, that`s how I did it. Use one ultimate, already one of 3 bars for the jutsu back, one more ultra combo and you ammediatly got another jutsu

  • Jordan Allen

    Lol how is his rating higher than obito?? I’m confused

    • KanyeWet

      Better field and buddy skills? Perfect dodge? Better abilities? 2 times less chakra cost??

      • I disagree. The only thing is perfect dodge but Obito has substitution that can be raised over 50% with right team

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          The only thing is perfect dodge? So for everything that I’ve stated you are disagreeing that Minato is better. I won’t argue with you since you either don’t know anything about the game or too stubborn to admit the truth. But once you have time I’m curious to hear what’s better in Obito besides his cool (16 charkra cost) ultimate.

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    i got 4 this from pull..dam nice..

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    A full ability Minato is like a god

  • Qijun Vince Chen

    with full abilities, he is one of the best

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      Pro- fucking OP.

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    Bandai obviously misspelled Kurama ^_^

    I mean, considering that this Minato managed to become a complete Jinchuriki with the more malicious side of Kurama, it would fit . . .

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    GUYS. The minato vs obito argument is pretty dumb… just stop. both have their pros and cons and both are really op imo.

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    You can do a 1 unit only run with him max abilities

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