Kakashi is a Mid range unit with decent HP and Attack.

1624 (+ 300) 2036 (+ 100) 10 Medium
Great damage boost to all elements with abilities Last ability no good
Good field & buddy skill
Fantastic utility
Enormous ultimate hitbox
Amazing damage on jutsu and ultimate
Perfect dodge chance on jutsu

Kakashi is a Heart unit with great damage boost against all elemental types. His jutsu can hit 19k normal and 29k bonus element. His ultimate can hit 41k normal and 61k bonus element.

With his first five abilities, Susanoo Kakashi truly has some ridiculous damage output. His first five abilities increase his damage to each element by a massive 40%, meaning he’s almost certainly the best nuker in the game. With full abilities and attack pills, Kakashi’s high base attack and great 14x multiplier on his ultimate mean he does an incredible 41,865 damage, higher than Sasuke Darkness of Deep Hatred (32,520) and only barely less than Obito Drawn to Life with one ability (43,500). However, both of the two aforementioned characters have single target ultimates. Kakashi? His is aoe. That’s right, he does almost as much damage as the best single target nuker in the game while having an aoe ultimate. Not only that, but his ultimate has a massive hitbox, covering nearly two-thirds of the screen, and with a hitcount of 13, making it easy to generate chakra. While his ultimate may not have the ignoring type disadvantage of Obito, unlike Obito who has little utility, Kakashi has some great utility—15-20% damage reduction on his field skill, 20% dodge on his buddy, and good statuses on both jutsus—30% dodge for two turns on regular jutsu and 30% damage reduction for two turns on ultimate. He may not heal, which is something heart as an element desperately needs, but he has fantastic damage with his duplicate abilities and has plenty of other ways to either directly or indirectly reduce damage.

In PvP, if you have his abilities, Kakashi turns into quite possibly the deadliest assassin in the game, befitting of one of Konoha’s top Jonin. With the ability for that element, Kakashi does 34,261 damage for 5 chakra, increasing to an almost hilariously high 51,392 against skill. This is enough to one shot nearly every relevant unit, including Naruto Seal of Light, Sasuke Seal of Shadow, Blazing Awoken Naruto, Utakata and just about every skill unit, really. And while he does not straight-out one shot the following units, he leaves them close to death: himself (misses the kill by a few hundred hp, which should be easy to make up with combo attacks or another unit), Yamato (who is almost certainly the best pvp tank in the game, and lives by only about 6k hp), Madara (who, similarly to Kakashi, only lives by a few hundred hp), and Blazing Awoken Hinata (who lives by about 4k hp). While his speed is disappointingly low at only 182, his incredible damage poses a threat that cannot be overlooked.

While he’s obviously not as good without his abilities due to the significant damage drop, Kakashi is still an incredibly good unit in PvE. He still has solid damage output with ridiculous range on his hitbox as well as having great hitcounts on both his jutsus, and still has his great f/b skills. PvP is where the lack of damage hurts him the most, dropping from having the most damaging single target jutsu to only having a fairly decent one at 24.4k damage, which considering his low speed isn’t enough.

Stats / Character Cost

Max RarityElementRangeMax HPMax ATKLuck
RarityCharacter Cost


Field skills provide bonuses when Kakashi Hatake is near the range of the character in combat.

RarityKakashi Hatake's Field Skill
5Reduces damage by 10%-15%.
6Reduces damage by 15%-20%.


Buddy skill is applied when Kakashi Hatake is paired with the main attacker.

RarityKakashi Hatake's Buddy Skill
515% chance of dodging an attack.
620% chance of dodging an attack.

Sync Skills

Hidden LeafSync with Hidden Leaf - Lowers rate of getting jutsu sealed by 20%Sync with Heart - Boosts attack by 100/200.Sync with Short and Long Range - Lowers rate of getting immobilized by 20%


  • Damage Boost Against Skill
    Increases damage dealt to Skill Elementals by 40%.
  • Damage Boost Against Heart
    Increases damage dealt to Heart Elementals by 40%.
  • Damage Boost Against Bravery
    Increases damage dealt to Bravery Elementals by 40%
  • Damage Boost Against Wisdom
    Increases damage dealt to Wisdom Elementals by 40%.
  • Damage Boost Against Body
    Increases damage dealt to Body Elementals by 40%.
  • Immobilization Resistance 20
    Lowers rate of immobilization by 20%


Awaken to 6, costs 28000 ryo

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  • Please explain how he is a 9.8. Kakashi is litterally the Gogeta of naruto blazing. With all his abilities he does 40% more damage to all types and shortens the body affinity disadvantage to only 10%. Against skill units he is essentially a AOE Nuker surpassing 75k with no buffs alone. His normal attack gets raised to 3100+ because of his abilities and he has amazing health and attack stats for a mid range. In my opinion he is the only other unit in the game that’s is on the same tier as Sage of six paths naruto

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