Hit Count: 8
Sand Shower
Hit Count: 4
4.2x Attack in Skill damage to all enemies in range, 30% chance of immobilization for 2 turns.
Secret Ninjutsu
Giant Layered Sand Burial
Hit Count: 11
11.5x Atttack in Skill damage to 1 enemy, 30% chance of jutsu sealing for 5 turns and/or immobilization for 3 turns.


Gaara is a Short ranged unit with great HP and good Attack.

2170 (+ 300) 1758 (+ 100) 10 Short

40% heart reduction damage with abilitiesNo AoE on Ultimate
AoE on Normal JutsuUtility success rate not very high
High single target damage on ultimateField skill not very good
Utility on ultimate jutsu and normal jutsu
High Health
Reduces damage from all elements on buddy skill

Gaara is a good Short range unit with good Heart reduction damage. His jutsu can hit 7k normal and 11k bonus element. His ultimate can hit around 21k normal and 32k bonus element.

Gaara is a relatively new banner unit that released alongside Kankuro. Gaara is a short range skill unit with a bearable chakra cost, which is 5/10. His jutsu is AOE with a 4.2x multiplier and has a 30% (45% with max abilities) chance to immobilize for 2 turns.

His ultimate is single-target with an 11.5x multiplier and has a 30% chance to immobilize and/or jutsu seal (45% immobilization and 50% jutsu seal with max abilities) for 3 turns. His abilities make him particularly useful for skill only objectives on heart raids, with a 40% heart damage decrease.

In Ninja World Clash, he is an average at best. His life stat is high and his attack is average (35020 and 2737). His speed is his downfall. Very good utility unit. -Kami


Stats / Character Cost

Max RarityElementRangeMax HPMax ATKLuck
RarityCharacter Cost


Field skills provide bonuses when Gaara is near the range of the character in combat.

RarityGaara's Field Skill
5Reduces chance of being immobilized by 15% - 20%
6Reduces chance of being immobilized by 20% - 25%


Buddy skill is applied when Gaara is paired with the main attacker.

RarityGaara's Buddy Skill
5Reduces damage taken by 15%
6Reduces damage taken by 20%

Sync Skills

NoneSync with Skill - Lowers rate of getting jutsu sealed by 15%Sync with Sand - Lowers rate of getting immobilized by 15% -


  • Immobilization Rate Boost 10
    Boosts rate of immobilization by 10%
  • Reduce Heart Damage
    Reduces heart damage taken by 10%
  • Reduce Heart Damage
    Reduces heart damage taken by 10%
  • Gaara
  • Jutsu Sealing Rate Boost
    Boosts rate of jutsu sealing by 10%


Awaken to 6, costs 28000 ryo