Chiyo is a long range character with decent attack and HP.

1132 (+ 300) 1004 (+ 100) 10 Long
Great Attack when abilities are maxedNo AoE attacks
Damage block is shared among usersOnly 4 abilities
Great for stalling and maps that require more strategy

Chiyo is a decent long range attacker with some actual good range capabilities on her. Her jutsu allows all allies to block up to 1500 shared damage. Her ultimate jutsu can hit 13k normal and 19k bonus element.

Stats / Character Cost

Max RarityElementRangeMax HPMax ATKLuck
RarityCharacter Cost


Field skills provide bonuses when Chiyo Baa is near the range of the character in combat.

RarityChiyo Baa's Field Skill
5Reduces chance of being sealed by 15%-20%
6Reduces chance of being sealed by 20%-25%


Buddy skill is applied when Chiyo Baa is paired with the main attacker.

RarityChiyo Baa's Buddy Skill
5Restores 120 HP
6Restores 115 HP

Sync Skills

NoneSync with Bravery - Reduces Wisdom damage taken by 15%.Sync with Sand - Boosts attack by 75 (150). -


  • Health Boost
    Boosts health by 100
  • Attack Boost
    Boosts attack by 100
  • Attack Boost 150
    Boosts attack by 150.
  • Attack Boost 200
    Boosts attack by 200.


Awaken to 6, costs 28000 ryo

  • datboiibro

    Her attack boost abilities vary. The first boosts by 125, the next 175, and the last 200, meaning she has 1.5k attack with max abilities. She needs a better rating. (With 1.5k attack and a 12x multiplier, her ultimate hits for 18k and 27k against Wisdom [purple]).

    • Kenny

      Thanks for the info. Will make changes

  • Alphawolf

    Uh, are buddy skills backwards? Why would she restore 5 less health when awakened to a 6★?

    Edit: Her 5★ card says her buddy skill is “Restores 90 health.” Have yet to awaken her.