Limit Break Capable

Hit Count: 2
Two-Blade Style: Close Cut
Hit Count: 4
Gives you an attack boost of 25% for 3 turn(s), restores own Chakra Gauge by 3, and 4.8x attack toward 1 enemy(s) in range.
Secret Ninjutsu
Two-Blade Style: Straight Line
Hit Count: 8
Gives you an attack boost of 75% for 3 turn(s) and 9.8x attack toward 1 enemy(s) in range, restoring own health by 8% of the damage caused.
Chakra costs coming soon...


Asuma is a Long-range unit with good HP and attack.

1648 (+ 300) 1678 (+ 100) 10 Long

Combination Attack BoostNo AoE Jutsu/Ultimate

Asuma is a Heart unit with Attack Reduction Resistance and Combination Attack Boost. His jutsu can hit around 8k normal and 12k bonus element. His ultimate can hit around 16k normal and 24k bonus element.

Stats / Character Cost

Max RarityElementRangeMax HPMax ATKLuck
150 Limit
RarityCharacter Cost


Field skills provide bonuses when Asuma Sarutobi is near the range of the character in combat.

RarityAsuma Sarutobi's Field Skill
635%-70% chance of attacking back when receiving an attack.


Buddy skill is applied when Asuma Sarutobi is paired with the main attacker.

RarityAsuma Sarutobi's Buddy Skill
6Reduces the chance of receiving recovery sealing by 25%

Sync Skills

Hidden LeafSync with Heart - Boosts critical rate by 1.5x.Sync with Hidden Leaf - Restores 125/250 health every turn. -


  • Attack Reduction Resistance
    Lowers rate of getting attack weakened by 10% (Not F Skills)
  • Attack Reduction Resistance
    Lowers rate of getting attack weakened by 10% (Not F Skills)
  • Jutsu Sealing Resistance 15
    Lowers rate of getting jutsu sealed by 15%
  • Extend Turns of Ninjtusu Effect
    Extend active Ninjutsu effects by 1 turn.
  • Combination Attack Boost
    Boosts attack by 1.1x during combinations


Awaken to 6, costs 28000 ryo