Hit Count: 1
Hurricane Wall
Gives you 4 perfect dodge(s) for 3 turn(s), then allow you to block up to 2000 damage for any remaining turns after the perfect dodge(s) run out.
Secret Ninjutsu
Hit Count: 7
11x attack to all Bravery elemental enemy(s) in range, and 9x attack to all elemental enemy (s) in range, knocking all enemies back.


Ashura is a Short range unit with good HP and decent attack.

1874 (+ 300) 1522 (+ 100) 10 Short

Speed and HP from ability boosts (for PvP)3 useless abilities
Vast Range AoE on Ultimate (+bonus damage to bravery units)Mediocre attack for a short ranged unit
Regular jutsu provides dodge and barrier

Ashura is a Wisdom unit With great speed and HP boosts. His jutsu gives 4 perfect dodges blocking up to 2000 damage. His ultimate can deal 17k normal and 26k bonus element.

Ashura is our third pvp shop unit and the second unit to not live up to the incredible precedent set by Sannin Tsunade. With his incredibly poor speed and non-damaging jutsu for 5 chakra, Ashura is nearly useless in PvP, meaning his three speed boost abilities are completely wasted. Outside of his three worthless abilities, for PvE, he offers a solid amount of health at 2574 with good attack boosts for his f/b skills. His ultimate, however, has low multipliers and lead to subpar damage output with no utility, although his regular jutsu is useful for tanking, giving both dodges and a barrier, similarly to 5* Heart Kidomaru’s jutsu. Due to low duration, however, it can be hard to stack without significant chakra generation. His most useful role in PvE is likely as a tank with his regular jutsu due to low ultimate damage, but with only 15% damage reduction from a sync skill he can’t tank without his jutsu up, unlike the free Brv Minato or Sage Naruto who can tank bravery, or Kazekage Gaara who can tank wisdom with duplicate abilities. While Ashura isn’t awful, per se, he’s not an incredible unit and isn’t a priority purchase.


Stats / Character Cost

Max RarityElementRangeMax HPMax ATKLuck
RarityCharacter Cost


Field skills provide bonuses when Ashura is near the range of the character in combat.

RarityAshura's Field Skill
5Boosts attack by 50-125.
6Boosts attack by 80-160.


Buddy skill is applied when Ashura is paired with the main attacker.

RarityAshura's Buddy Skill
5Boosts attack by 100.
6Boosts attack by 115.

Sync Skills

NoneSync with Wisdom - Reduces Bravery damage taken by 15%.Sync With Short Range - Boosts attack by 75/150. -


  • Speed Boost 10
    Boosts SPD by 10
  • Health Boost v2
    Boosts health by 200.
  • Speed Boost 10
    Boosts SPD by 10
  • Health Boost
    Boosts health by 100
  • Speed Boost 10
    Boosts SPD by 10


Awaken to 6, costs 28000 ryo