RecklessK is hosting a really fun event for Nartuo Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing!

The Competition (December 22nd 2016 8PM to 11pm Eastern Time)

A race through a banner event in Naruto Ninja Blazing!

Prize pool for winners:

Top 3 1st=$100, 2nd=$50, 3rd=$25

Who Can Participate?

  • It’s open to anyone!
  • Streamed Race on YouTube via Google Hangout
  • Each individual has to stream, and I will tap into the stream
  • Timing everyone one after the other.
  • Lag issue on Android so make sure you will be able to do your run lag free
  • Vote down below for people you would like to see co host with me
  • Time frame 8pm EST 11pm EST

Anyone who did not get the chance to show their event run during the stream will then send an E-mail to me and I will monitor the video and choose the top 3 speeds between the videos from the Live stream and the videos sent Via E-mail. People sending videos in Via email have 24 hours to send them to me until until no longer takes submissions.


  • No pearls to revive
  • One try once you die your try is over
  • Have to do the chosen event, not your own
  • Be respectful to players in the tournament. You forfeit if you do!