It’s Blazing Festival time! Joining in the action this time is the all-new Blazing Festival exclusive Naruto Uzumaki “Proof of Ties That Bind” (★5)!

And don’t miss out on awesome rewards in the 9-Level Blazing Festival Multi Summon!

Naruto Uzumaki “Proof of Ties That Bind” (★5)
⇒ Can be Awakened to ★6!

Naruto Uzumaki “Proof of Ties That Bind” (★5) is a Skill elemental ninja!
When he uses his Ninjutsu on missions, not only does it damage the enemy, but it nullifies damage from Ninjutsu and Secret Techniques used against him for a fixed amount of turns!

(Note: This Ninjutsu has a different effect in Ninja World Clash.)

Plus, he has the new Ability, “Nullify Element Affinity-based Damage Reduction”!
Acquire this Ability to power through Elemental disadvantages and hit the opposition where it hurts, without Damage Reduction!