Welcome to the Awakening Guide. In this guide we will cover how to awaken your max level characters, what’s required to awaken them and how much Ryo it will cost to do the awakening process.

Awakening Scrolls


Awakening one of your characters will require you to have the appropriate Awakening scrolls. The scrolls you need match the Element of the character you are trying to awake. It could require up to six total scrolls  from both rarity types to do the awakening process. Awakening scrolls can be gotten through the Scroll missions in the Emergency Mission menu and occasionally from objective rewards.

  • Awakening Scroll Heart (Monday)
  • Awakening Scroll Skill (Tuesday)
  • Awakening Scroll Body (Wednesday)
  • Awakening Scroll Bravery (Thursday)
  • Awakening Scroll Wisdom (Friday)

Ryo Required

The amount of Ryo required to do the awakening process changes for each level of rarity. Fortunately it is not too expensive to do. Below you will find the current Ryo requirements per awakening process by rarity level.

Rarity Level 3-4★ 4-5★ 5-6★
Ryo Required 9000 20000 28000

If you find yourself short on Ryo and need some help farming be sure to check out earning Ryo guide.

When Awakening


You will need the following depending on the rarity.

  • 3★ Character –  1★ Awakening Scroll x3
  • 4★ Character – 1★ Awaknining Scroll x2, 2★ Awakening Scroll x2
  • 5★ Character – 2★ Awakening Scroll x2, 3★ Awakening Scroll x2