Welcome to the Ability Guide! We’re going to take you through all the different type of abilities available in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing with some example characters. Characters in this game have various types of ninjutsu that you can use to clear missions. Some are single target while others are area of effect(AoE). There are little details you need to know about certain characters to use their skills to the fullest.


Single Target

Kakashi’s Lightning Blade Secret Jutsu

Most single target spells are devastating and have much higher attack multipliers than the AoE ones, but there are a variety of single target attack types you should be aware of.

Based on Character Range


The single target abilities will typically work on the first or closest enemy, so keep this in mind when using a single targeted ability. It is easy to mess up and not hit your intended target. Make sure it is pointing at the right target before you pull the trigger!

Most single target attacks will fall into this.  Their single target ninjutsus are usually based on their range. So if the character is short / mid / long range, their single target ninjutsu will most likely be the same range. This is not always the case though.

Below are the characters with single target ninjutsus based on their range.

6★ Max Rarity
naruto-no-1-maverick element-heart Naruto “No 1 Maverick”
kakashi-hidden-left-eye element-wind Kakashi “Hidden Left Eye”
5★ Max Rarity
 haku-all-for-his-loved-ones element-wind Haku “All for his loved ones”
 ino-truly-wise element-wind Ino “Truly Wise”

Single Long Rectangle

The Single Line Single Target abilities will usually have a long range indicator but typically will only work on the first enemy in line of the ability, making them difficult to position if the ability is facing behind the character such as Kisame’s Water Shark Bomb jutsu. However they have a great ranged positioning advantage. These abilities will give you a warning at the bottom of the screen.


Here are some example characters that has this:

5★ Max Rarity
 kisame-monster-of-the-mist element-body Kisame “Monster of the Mist”



Single target rectangle abilities will typically only hit the first enemy in the indicator. Pay close attention to positioning with these abilities, you will see a warning indicator at the bottom of the screen to remind you of how it works.

Here are some example characters that has this:

6★ Max Rarity
gaara-sand-defense-6-star element-bravery Gaara “Sand Defense” Secret Jutsu
5★ Max Rarity
kankuro-orchestrator-of-tragedy element-bravery Kankuro “Orchestrator of Tragedy”

Plus (+)


The plus ability gives a longer range than most ninjutsus and gives you the option to attack from all directions, making it a versatile skill to have.

Here are some example characters that has this:

6★ Max Rarity
kakashi-copier-of-1k-techniques element-bravery Kakashi “Copier of 1k Techniques” Secret Jutsu
5★ Max Rarity
sakura-haruno-maiden-in-love-5-star element-body Sakura “Maiden of Love”
kakashi-the-best-teacher element-bravery Kakashi “The Best Teacher”

Cross (X)


Cross abilities are similar to the plus ninjutsus, except that you attack diagonally.

Here are some example characters that has this:

5★ Max Rarity
orochimaru-the-horror-returns element-wind Orochimaru “The Horror Returns”

Fan <)


This type of attack is a small hit box (looks like a fan to me) in front of the character. Keep in mind that this jutsu won’t be able to hit enemies on the most left side of the screen.

Here are some example characters that has this:

6★ Max Rarity
naruto-rasengan-mastered element-body Naruto “Mastered Rasagen”
5★ Max Rarity
neji-an-unchangeable-destiny element-darkness Neji “Unchangeable Destiny”
sakon-sakon-of-the-west-gate element-darkness Sakon “Sakon of the E. Gate”

AoE Types

AoE Long Rectangle


The AoE long rectangle work the same as single targeted version, the only difference is they will hit multiple enemies instead of the first enemy in line. They remain as a strong ranged advantage but difficult positioning ability.

Here are some example characters that has this:

6★ Max Rarity
zabuza-silence-of-madness element-darkness Zabuza “Silent of Madness”
kakashi-copier-of-1k-techniques element-bravery Kakashi “Copier of 1k Techniques”
5★ Max Rarity
hinata-a-pure-heart element-wind Hinata “A Pure Heart”
itachi-a-cold-hearted-criminal element-darkness Itachi “Cold Hearted Criminal”

AoE Rectangle


Rectangle AOE abilities will hit multiple enemies in the indicators, they occasionally stretch just a tiny bit outside of the actual indication box allowing you to hit multiple enemies that otherwise might not be in range if you take the time to position it.

Here are some example characters that has this:

6★ Max Rarity
haku-frozen-heart element-body Haku “Frozen Heart” Secret Jutsu
sasuke-uchiha-lone-survivor-6 element-wind Sasuke “Lone Survivor”
5★ Max Rarity
rock-lee-never-give-up-5-star element-body Rock Lee “Never Gives Up”
kiba-wild-partners element-bravery Kiba “Wild Partners”

AoE Short Range


Short ranged AOE abilities are usually no larger than the hitbox indication for an enemy, these are usually strong abilities and are great if you manage to get the enemy grouped up together.

Below are some examples of characters with this type of jutsu:

5★ Max Rarity
jirobo-jirobo-of-the-south-gate element-body Jirobo “Jirobo of the E. Gate”

AoE Mid Range


Mid ranged AOE abilities will easily overlap two near by enemies, a lot of high tier characters will have these types of abilities. They give an easy time when it comes to positioning yourself for dealing damage without putting yourself in a situation of taking multiple enemy counter attacks.

Here are some example characters that has this:

6★ Max Rarity
haku-frozen-heart element-body Haku “Frozen Heart”
neji-a-caged-bird element-wind Neji “A Caged Bird”
5★ Max Rarity
naruto-uzumaki-the-worst-loser element-heart Naruto “The Worst Loser”
haku-the-icy-masks-blades element-heart Haku “The Icy Mask’s Blade”

AoE Long Range


The Long Range Jutsu’s will give a large radius circle that can cover a good portion of the screen, making it very easy to land a devastating AOE ability.

Here are some example characters that has this:

6★ Max Rarity
sakura-hardened-resolve element-darkness Sakura “Hardened Resolve”
5★ Max Rarity
tayuya-tayuya-of-the-north-gate element-heart Tayuya “Tayuya of the West Gate”
tenten-ninja-tools-specialist element-wind Tenten “Ninja Tool Specialist”

AoE Fan <)


This is a rare type. Much like the single target version, except that you can hit 2 enemies or more! Most of the time though, it will be good enough to hit one.

6★ Max Rarity
sakura-hardened-resolve element-darkness Sakura “Hardened Resolve” Secret Jutsu

Dodge and Barrier


There are some characters that have more unique jutsu types. These are vital in negating big damage from certain tough boss’s ninjutsu. Do not discount their abilities as they can help you tank damage! Below are some characters that have these skills:


6★ Max Rarity
kakashi-hidden-left-eye element-wind Kakashi “Hidden Left Eye” Secret Jutsu 6 Perfect Dodges
5★ Max Rarity
hinata-proof-of-resolution element-bravery Hinata “Proof of Resolution” 3 Perfect Dodges
4★ Max Rarity
mizuki-hidden-ambitions element-wind Mizuki “Hidden Ambition” 3 Perfect Dodges


5★ Max Rarity
gaara-sand-clad-demon Gaara “Sand Clad Demon” Negate 1500 Damage
hinata-nice-girl element-heart Hinata “Nice Girl” Negate 1000 Damage
kidomaru-kidomaru-of-the-east-gate element-wind Kidomaru “Kidomaru of the E. Gate” Negate 1000 Damage

Secret Jutsu

Secret Jutsu’s are reserved for special characters that are able to be awaken into a 6 star state. This will unlock a 2nd variation of their Jutsu technique which will have a high damage output or boost in skills but will come at the cost of a lot more Chakra(double) to be cast.

  • Johnsue Rivera

    Gaara “Sand Clad Demon” is Wisdom type, not Bravery.